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Geoff commented on JD's video

Tiny Gardeners

"They are beautiful."
NatureJunkie commented on lima's blog post Meet Frosty!
"That's disheartening. I was so hoping something could be done for that little fella. Well, something was done, for a while at least. I guess there should be some solace there."
BlancheNoE commented on Geoff's video

Six Lawsuits or Less: An Express Lane Tragicomedy

"I love how you struggle with yourself to only state known facts. Says a lot about your core-ethics. I cracked up at  " used to be w/ Radio Shack, doesn't sound promising." This is awesomely wonderful. PLEASE let us know…"
LtAdams2247 commented on LtAdams2247's video

Sabovlog: Beware Adams Bearing Gifts

"@lima: I want to see your fork play ;-) @MotC: See, I always thought that's when the party really gets started."
LtAdams2247 commented on S.A. Murray's video

The Trouble With Tribbles

"Scott, that is rediculous. Is that what you think of me? Glaze is for pussies."
MOTC commented on LtAdams2247's video

Sabovlog: Beware Adams Bearing Gifts

"It's all fun and games until someone slaps a voodoo mask on the wall."
S.A. Murray commented on S.A. Murray's video

The Trouble With Tribbles

"NJ ... if LtAdams were the Emperor in the fable he'd have both of us put on a spit, seasoned and roasted medium well with a nice bourbon glaze. :P"
S.A. Murray commented on BlancheNoE's blog post NJ's New Foster
"LOL .. I think I just pee'd a little poodle'd :P"
BlancheNoE commented on BlancheNoE's blog post NJ's New Foster
"Laughing out loud @ NJ - Okay, but when you make it big you have to hire me as your pool-boy... ...and give me one of those puppies...and if you have a pool house to convert so I can live in it that would be nice. I'll change my name to Blayto."
NatureJunkie commented on S.A. Murray's video

The Trouble With Tribbles

"Androcles and the Squirrel *blots eyes to catch brimming tears* ...such a beautiful story of trust and enduring friendship. "
NatureJunkie commented on Geoff's video

Six Lawsuits or Less: An Express Lane Tragicomedy

"The Market Basket story is an interesting one. It'll be fascinating to see how this continues to unfold."
NatureJunkie commented on JD's video

Tiny Gardeners

"This is such a wonderful thing to watch. It's not like I don't see deer all the time, and yet every time I do, it feels extraordinary and I have to blurt out, "Look, there's a deer!""
NatureJunkie commented on lima's blog post Another Ponder
"Anything I could have said here in response to you, Lima, ThatGirl said much better and more completely. Like Blanche, these kind of experiences used to happen to me fairly often when I was young, but unlike her, they don't happen so much…"
NatureJunkie commented on lima's blog post Something you don't come across everyday...
"Must get Baby Head key chain, available at the gift shop."
NatureJunkie commented on BlancheNoE's blog post NJ's New Foster
"It has never occurred to me that if she had a litter, we could each have our own. Now you got me thinkin'. I'm applying immediately for a business license. FHP Puppy Mill Enterprises. I'll be a one-percenter in no time."
Geoff commented on Geoff's video

Six Lawsuits or Less: An Express Lane Tragicomedy

"TG, some of the things I find so interesting is that a lot of what has happened--I mean especially the reactions of the customers--was spontaneous. Also, the first people to walk off their jobs were white collar types (followed by warehouse staff).…"
Geoff posted a video
Geoff commented on Chig's blog post Pondering.....
"I think that I do believe there is a necessary dark side, but "dark side" maybe gives the idea an unnecessarily gothic tone. Your most spontaneous friend is probably not your most reliable friend. Every human characteristic contains a mix…"
Aug 14
BlancheNoE commented on S.A. Murray's video

The Trouble With Tribbles

"Oh come on S.A., Everybody and their momma saw that sex tape. That's Spielberg and an actress post-coitus. She was a Beatles fan hence doing it in the road. Same thing with that dinosaur everyone was freaking out about. Sheesh you people are…"
Aug 14
ae777ed commented on S.A. Murray's video
Aug 14

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For Euterpe and her sisters. If the muses won’t visit you, write about them. They’ll suddenly be on you like mosquitoes on a clean baby.

Divide By Zero


Episode 11

If you're new to this I urge you to check this out first:

It Must Be Love


The smoking hot smoker is Dita Von Teese. Yes, I'm positive that's her real name. The black and white concert footage is from the climax to "Hangover Square" (1945). The other footage and the song is from "Burlesque"--though I'm not sure that number actually made it into the film--might be a DVD extra, and some footage I found from the Paris Crazy Horse. (Dita, by the way, was performing…

The Vault 2 - Lithium Trailer


I'm done writing it and am laying the groundworks such as building the spaces. I thought I'd celebrate with a terribly uplifting trailer. Yeah, occasionally I like to do something…



Conceived during an allergic reaction to morphine, 2 days out of ICU, this expose' finally answers the age old questions of why do prayers go unanswered and why does God let bad things happen.
It also serves as a cautionary tale.
If you think God is talking to you, you might want to think…


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Troupe d' Ark Group on Vimeo


Created for the #vimeo #weekendchallenge.

Cast: Maria José Sánchez

Tags: weekend challenge, vimeo, challenge, flow and movement

Silent Night

The Kandahar Massacre is considered one of the most severe war crime blamed on a member of the U.S. Armed Forces since the war in Vietnam. In the early morning hours of March 11, 2012, U.S. Staff Sergeant Robert Bales allegedly killed 16 Afghan civilians in villages near the military camp where he was based.

2470media's Lela Ahmadzai travelled to Afghanistan and spoke to the survivors who lost their closest relatives in the night of Bales' riot. The product of her journey is a documentary that moves the focus away from the suspect and tells the story of the victims whose voices, so far, have remained publicly unheard.
For more information click here:

Director, Cinematographer: Lela Ahmadzai
Additional cinematography: Mamoon Durrani
Editor: Nidal Bulbul
Assistant Producer: Stephan Bader
Executive Producer: Michael Hauri

Cast: 2470media

Tags: Kandahar, massacre, Afghanistan, war, crime, Bales, army, victims, survivors, U.S., USA, documentary, 2470media, web and Kabul


The music video of the song of the haiku of the haiku-video.
Created using a shaky little sanyo, I-movie,garage band instruments played manually, live voice and acoustic guitar.

Cast: BlancheNoE

Tags: fall, blanchenoe, leaf, leaves, leaving, leavened, life, conscience and common

Post-it grid in 4 sheets

Sound: "Into Infinity "ear" loop" by Dntel (

Cast: Gabriel Feld


Short poetic documentary about Rua Augusta - São Paulo, Brazil

Short intro to a poetic documentary about Augusta street, São Paulo-SP Brazil.

GoPro for the photomotions
Sony NX70 for most shots
Super 8 to digital from family archives of the 70s
Edited with Sony Vegas PRO 12
Last 5 seconds from Internet archives (by the car´s models, must be from around 1950). for the music.

Cast: Companhia de Canoagem (CdC)

Tags: augusta, documentary and nx70



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