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"it IS fecking Hamster month Mofo's.!!"
22 hours ago
Sandy Smith commented on lima's group MuSic
"This is great. I just love music so much. "
NatureJunkie commented on ThatGirl's video

Andromeda 2015

"Love this. I've never taken video making to this level--backgrounds, music, green screens, costumes. I love the little insect sound effects you added when you were at the tree. Andromeda is more than a little scary to me. When she says…"
NatureJunkie commented on BlancheNoE's video

2014 Minute

"Barbara's Peanut Butter Puffins looks suspiciously like a Whole Foods substitute for Count Chocula. I'm surprised you never made it to Colorado, 'cause where else could you find that?"
NatureJunkie commented on BlancheNoE's video

Center of a Patchwork Life

"Okay, my eyes were already a little misty after reading your Spock blog, but now I have big globular tears. What a great little tribute. Those patches are little icons of collected experiences. I don't know much about your dad, but I hope he…"
NatureJunkie commented on BlancheNoE's blog post Sad Day in the Multiverses
"In the Whitewater investigation in 1996, one of the grand jury members was a Trekkie who wore her Star Trek uniform to court. The Trek universe was that real to her. I have a co-worker like that. In his office, Mark has two framed photos of Captains…"
BlancheNoE commented on ThatGirl's video

Wicked Games - Wicked Valentine 2015

"Finally got to this one. Holy CRAP that's a lot of work in there. Bravissimo ! Hey, while you have yourself shrunk down to that size can you crawl in my Mac and fix some shit ? Sexy momma. "
BlancheNoE commented on Arkian Michael's video


"You find the strangest stuff Michael. Have I told you lately that I love you ?"
BlancheNoE posted a video

Center of a Patchwork Life from BlancheNoE on Vimeo.

Center of a Patchwork Life

Created for the Weekend Challenge: Original music : "Reunion" I recently came into possession of some of the belongings of my long departed and dearly beloved dad. He loved us fiercely but lakes and oceans were his…
BlancheNoE posted a blog post

Sad Day in the Multiverses

As you might have heard, Leonard Nimoy shot out of earth's orbit today leaving our little rock less fascinating.I'm grateful to have been alive while he was spreading his particular brand of intellectual acting-genius.I marveled at the characters that seemed to be written just for him when in actuality it was he himself who made those characters his own. He inspired me to learn balance between my emotions and logic and he was a total fox right up until the day he stepped off the crazy-train.I…See More
ThatGirl posted a status
"Amazon Free viewing Pilot of "man in the high castle""
Feb 20
BlancheNoE commented on BlancheNoE's blog post About a Dog
"MARIE ! Love you back."
Feb 20
BlancheNoE commented on BlancheNoE's video

2014 Minute

"@ Geoff- MMmmmm, Frosted you have any? (WOOHOO, Geoff in the house!)"
Feb 19
Geoff commented on BlancheNoE's video

2014 Minute

"This is your brain on frosted flakes..."
Feb 18
Geoff commented on Holger's video

Zen Archer

"I never saw Zen at his vlogging height on YouTube--I've heard he had a lot of subscribers and views in the early days--but I watched him on VloggerHeads. He was a big frog in our little pond for a while. He withdrew a little after getting…"
Feb 18
ThatGirl commented on Steve 4.0's photo
Feb 18
Trimaddog commented on ThatGirl's video
Feb 18
ThatGirl posted a status
"Do you wanna build a Methlab?"
Feb 17
SydTheSkeptic commented on Holger's video

Zen Archer

"I didn't know him on YouTube. It wasn't until I moved to Vloggerheads from LiveVideo that I connected with him. We were on friendly terms until he joined the VH mod team and I had to work with him to keep the peace over there.  He…"
Feb 16
Holger posted a video
Feb 15

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