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Marie commented on BlancheNoE's blog post About a Dog
"♥ "
lima's group was featured


Art of Muse, evolved into Music, the ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color... the expression of one's soul. A group to discuss and share music with others.See More
ThatGirl posted a status
"8 inches is nothing"
ThatGirl posted a status
"NJ dodged a bullet in snow accumulation. Silent Night, quick cleanup and creative day off! Hello Arkies"
ThatGirl posted a status
"SILENCE as the snow falls and winds blow. Hunkering down and making music as long as there is power!"
SydTheSkeptic commented on ThatGirl's blog post No Reason #2
"Ooh, nice.  Gonna play all while I plan for school..."
SydTheSkeptic commented on ThatGirl's blog post No Reason
"LOL We're all a little "delayed" here in terms of the monthly themes.  They're fun, though, regardless."
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Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"

"Very interesting. "
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ThatGirl posted a status
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2012 blues Barnegat Bay on the way out to sea

"Put me down for two....specifically, those two. I don't even need the fava beans and Chianti."
Jan 23
ThatGirl posted a status
"y'all drown already or what?"
Jan 21
BlancheNoE commented on BlancheNoE's blog post About a Dog
"@ NJ- Yes. We are all stories (memories). Those who dwell only on death fear life. Those who dwell only on life fear death. Equal contemplation is balance. P.S. Certain noses will never smell the coffee . I love you dearly for understanding."
Jan 16
NatureJunkie commented on Chig's blog post Happy Holidays 2014. In memorium
"Yes, I do."
Jan 16
NatureJunkie commented on MOTC's blog post MOTC's One Minue New Year ... thing
"Damn. Halfway through January already and I haven't even started my huge, one-minute project yet. God, I think I'm going to have to pull an all-nighter on January 31."
Jan 16
NatureJunkie commented on BlancheNoE's blog post About a Dog
"Amy, I'm sorry this blog was up for 5 days before I could make time for it. I know Jane was in hospice and that this wasn't unexpected. Still, the finality of it is never what one is really ready for. Odd--as I was on my way home from work…"
Jan 16
ThatGirl posted a status
"Hey Dougy, That's the rulez where I come from."
Jan 14
BlancheNoE commented on BlancheNoE's blog post About a Dog
"Thanks TG. I too believe we are all memories and will live on that way and I think Skittles is just happy she's finally got a sibling who's smaller than she is. Skittles is 14 and the dormouse is only 1 and lives to be 5 so they are…"
Jan 12
BlancheNoE posted a blog post

About a Dog

My step-mom died @ 1:30 am this morning. We had our differences over the years but there were times when we were actually very good friends. Even when we weren't the best of friends we never lied to each other, not even little white ones, and I always appreciated  that aspect of our relationship. I was with my 4 sisters last night until 10:00pm, in the facility where my step-mom was in hospice and many stories were told. I want to share the story of her dog. My step-mom's name was Jane. Jane…See More
Jan 10
BlancheNoE commented on MOTC's blog post MOTC's One Minue New Year ... thing
"I don'r know....sounds like a lot of work. But since I like the way you smell ( the chemical reaction in your body from imported caramel coloring that makes you smell like olives ) I'll probably do it."
Jan 8

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the second one. In honor of Christmas Murder Month, Ballistica and Artilleria kill satan-clause with kindness.

Sneaky Medicine


How to make your dog's medicine go down easier.

Fright Fest 2014


I know where you live.

Divide By Zero


Episode 11

If you're new to this I urge you to check this out first:


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Troupe d' Ark Group on Vimeo

Canoeing is fun!

Just a few shots of what we love..... Canoeing!!

Canoa Canadense Companhia de Canoagem

Cast: Companhia de Canoagem (CdC)

Tags: canoa canadense, canoeing, canoagem, paddling, canoe and companhia de canoagem

Urban Calligraphies

A happenstance catch in the streets of NYC

Cast: Gabriel Feld

Tags: New York, New York City, NYC, Manhattan, urban, infrastructure, calligraphy and graffiti


just practicing for a little movie about coffee in Rome (or maybe in Naples, I don't know, we'll see)
Tante grazie Erberto!

Cast: Gabriel Feld

Tags: coffee, Rome, Italy and work


Created for the #vimeo #weekendchallenge.

Cast: Maria José Sánchez

Tags: weekend challenge, vimeo, challenge, flow and movement

Silent Night

The Kandahar Massacre is considered one of the most severe war crime blamed on a member of the U.S. Armed Forces since the war in Vietnam. In the early morning hours of March 11, 2012, U.S. Staff Sergeant Robert Bales allegedly killed 16 Afghan civilians in villages near the military camp where he was based.

2470media's Lela Ahmadzai travelled to Afghanistan and spoke to the survivors who lost their closest relatives in the night of Bales' riot. The product of her journey is a documentary that moves the focus away from the suspect and tells the story of the victims whose voices, so far, have remained publicly unheard.
For more information click here:

Director, Cinematographer: Lela Ahmadzai
Additional cinematography: Mamoon Durrani
Editor: Nidal Bulbul
Assistant Producer: Stephan Bader
Executive Producer: Michael Hauri

Cast: 2470media and Michael Hauri

Tags: Kandahar, massacre, Afghanistan, war, crime, Bales, army, victims, survivors, U.S., USA, documentary, 2470media, web and Kabul



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