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Nov 14
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"NEW Resistance music-battle just began-"
Nov 11
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Oct 1
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"Makes me want to take the family on a road trip to see other smelly parts of America."
Oct 1
sillysillytom commented on BlancheNoE's video

Behavioral Sink (no time for production)

"That was awesome and I realize it was back in June but seems fitting even to this day."
Oct 1
Dana (scribblers sanctuary) commented on Dana (scribblers sanctuary)'s blog post Island Life and Broken Hearts on the Mend
"Syd - Hello my friend. Be careful what you wish for haha... I've only recently started writing and taking photos again and but I'm happy to share. Thank you so much for your kindness.  Chig - It's funny - this thing called…"
Sep 7
Chig commented on Dana (scribblers sanctuary)'s blog post Island Life and Broken Hearts on the Mend
"What Syd said. You are so strong!  Drop us some footage of the island to help us escape a bit."
Aug 25
Chig posted a video
Aug 25
SydTheSkeptic commented on Dana (scribblers sanctuary)'s blog post Island Life and Broken Hearts on the Mend
"Oh m'gosh, Dana. I'm both sorry for your loss and happy for your newfound peace at the same time.  I'm gonna go look up your island.  Would LOVE to see pics of your scuba diving adventures and hear all the stories, as…"
Aug 25
Dana (scribblers sanctuary) posted photos
Aug 20
Dana (scribblers sanctuary) posted a status
"Hello Arkians and greatly missed friends. Though I'd peek to see if the lights were still on. :)"
Aug 20
Dana (scribblers sanctuary) posted a blog post

Island Life and Broken Hearts on the Mend

Hello Arkians and greatly missed friends.Much has happened in the last bit, heh? For those of you that haven't heard, Mr. Scribbler and I were hit by a drunk driver on May 28, 2016. My beloved and best friend did not survive the accident and I have spent the last 2 years. 2 months and 3 weeks figuring out the rest of my life and healing; both physically and emotionally.I'll spare you the details and tell you what's going on at the moment. I have become quite the scuba diver (yay!) Turns out, I…See More
Aug 20
NatureJunkie commented on Chig's video

Raw_footage of 2018 bloom nights with spoken audio

"As always, your latest video of this sweet night bloom is exquisite. I would have commented sooner but I couldn't hear your vocal whenever I tried listening over my speakers. I could finally hear your commentary when I dug up a pair of…"
Aug 8
lima commented on Chig's blog post A suspended member is asking why they were suspended.
"Phantom was banned for Life at VH.  Not sure if something carried over with his behavior or not. "
Jul 21
Chig posted a blog post

Happy 4th of July to the American Ark members.

Please remember to be sensitive to those in other countries who may not celebrate the American holiday.Thank you,The management.…See More
Jul 4
NatureJunkie commented on ThatGirl's video

Zombie -with Spacemonkey1310-Tribute to Delores O'Riordan

"Wow, TG, your voice is perfect for this song. And shit, how have I missed this all this time? You and SpaceMonkey did a good job together. I think singalongs are almost, geez, I hate using this hokey word, but spiritually binding. Isn't that…"
Jun 23
BlancheNoE commented on Chig's video

Raw_footage of 2018 bloom nights with spoken audio

"Thanks for the dose of beautiful. I like how he raises his little "right on!"-fist when you're talking about him playing/showing off. I guarantee that he was as happy to see you as you were him. When he retreated into the stalk, he…"
Jun 18
Chig commented on BlancheNoE's blog post First World Problems
"Lets see.  I am keeping a tally... Bowel movements, WTF, Butts, vaginas sewn to faces... Gonna need a bigger jar."
Jun 18
Chig commented on ThatGirl's video
Jun 18
Chig posted a video

Raw_footage of 2018 bloom nights with spoken audio from Chig TheInnocent on Vimeo.

Raw_footage of 2018 bloom nights with spoken audio

This is raw footage for 2018, I hope to ultimately compile with the other years of footage I have been gathering timelapse footage with. I recorded some audio for future use with the much more smoothly edited footage I hope to make from all the raw…
Jun 18

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Courting BlancheNoE on Skype


Howdy Folks
Greetings from Not Europe

I was rummaging through my old Live Video stuff and came upon these Skype Screenshots. For the BlancheNoE fans this will be a feast. For those that aren’t, not so…

Deep Down


PyperMarru asks NatureJunkie...

LiveVideo en Memorium 2


This is the final video I made on Live Video (dot) com.

Sneaky Medicine


How to make your dog's medicine go down easier.


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Troupe d' Ark Group on Vimeo

Boodah Gal


Cast: Syd

Meditative Focal Points

What keeps my husband out of the bars.

Cast: BlancheNoE and Pendragon

Tags: balance, meditation, pendragon, calm, BlanchNoE and nature

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Back in fashion. This is why I don't throw out old clothes.
Originally published in 2006.
Ignorance is bliss.
Fake background music by me.

Cast: BlancheNoE

Tags: same-old-same-old, grandkids and BlancheNoE

Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle
The most dangerous animal on the planet is a human with nothing left to lose and we're churning them out like gm hothouse tomatoes.
All original content less old footage which is from my family archives.

Cast: BlancheNoE

Tags: blanchenoe, spin-cycle and love-letter-to-Europe



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