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"that Brian De Palma of the 70's and 80's"
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Fright Fest 2014

"This time of year we get to do all the things we can't do the rest of the year .... or what Lt Adams does every day."
NatureJunkie commented on NatureJunkie's blog post More "Walking Dead" horror
"Blanche, their YouTube profile says "We are Third Degree Black Belts in Tae Kwon Do and "Distinguished Experts" in rifle marksmanship." I think they KNOW Adams is out there."
ThatGirl commented on ThatGirl's blog post FrightFest Bloggy #3- Folklore, Urban Legend, Ghost Stories
"@Geoff - It's strange to see where graveyards end up residing as life spreads out around them.  Out here I see alot next to apple orchards, behind schools and parks and there is one in Little Silver next to a beautiful bistro's .…"
BlancheNoE commented on NatureJunkie's blog post More "Walking Dead" horror
"Yeah, LtAdams is certainly lurking around there somewhere Nature. Notice how they're always looking over their shoulders ? The cool thing for them is that their harps double as weapons when coupled with the arrows they have hidden in their, uh,…"
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Worried About My Baby (Blues)

Doing a Howlin' Wolf tune. Diesel Bodine: Vocals, Guitars & Arrangement
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" I used this in a life-stealer's story..always loved this song"
ThatGirl posted a status
NatureJunkie commented on NatureJunkie's blog post More "Walking Dead" horror
"Geoff, Geoff, two young millennials arranging the classic hits of metal bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, and Scorpions for duet harp---hovering at the brink of a put-on? Oh say it ain't so! And yet, I think it's the said…"
Geoff commented on NatureJunkie's blog post More "Walking Dead" horror
"I went to their site and they do a version of Stairway to Heaven dressed as angels at the foot of a fancy staircase. You're right, they seem like they are hovering right at the brink of a put-on. The act is almost supernaturally flat and…"
NatureJunkie commented on NatureJunkie's blog post More "Walking Dead" horror
"Geoff, if I didn't know they were for real, I would have taken their videos as SNL skits. And even though they don appropriate costumes for all of the cover songs they do, somehow I envision them as milkmaids in their everyday attire. Their…"
Geoff commented on ThatGirl's blog post FrightFest Bloggy #1- Films, Television
"I remember the doll. The part where it jabbed its spear under the door was very effective. Around that same time I saw the pilot for Rod Serling's Night Gallery--also a trilogy. The segment that scared me was the first one (not so much the…"
Geoff commented on ThatGirl's blog post FrightFest Bloggy #2 - Fairytales and Children's Books
"My little niece (now in college) was terrified by a big papier mache monster arm in the window of a local video rental store. She called it the Claw Thing and she told the store clerks about it. They were very sympathetic and my niece has grown up…"
Geoff commented on ThatGirl's blog post FrightFest Bloggy #3- Folklore, Urban Legend, Ghost Stories
"There was a wonderful documentary/fiction hybrid that came out several years ago about a director trying to make a pilot for a projected cable series "Provincial Puzzlers." That much is true. It was gonna be an exploration of local urban…"
Geoff commented on NatureJunkie's blog post More "Walking Dead" horror
"A small dose of oddness. YuTub can be a little bit like vaudeville."
NatureJunkie commented on NatureJunkie's blog post More "Walking Dead" horror
"Could these two possibly be even weirder? Yes. Yes, they could. "
NatureJunkie posted a blog post

More "Walking Dead" horror

One of the weirdest acts I've ever seen. Why do I keep expecting Adams and Alex to pop out in the background?. See More
NatureJunkie commented on Geoff's video

This Frightened Me--Fright Fest 2014

"Good reading of the Gorey story and a great choice of mood music for it. Unfortunately, my parents did not read to me at all once I got beyond the age of four, and before then, just Beatrix Potter and a thin collection of fairy tales. So I missed…"

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Young Blood Thirst


FrightFest Quickclip - from the Vampire Archive of Tortured Souls

I hope to see some quickclips from Arkies. If i can do this to my son..ermmmm, how hard can it be?

*Public until end of FrightFest Month -then password…

Fright Fest 2014


I know where you live.



For Euterpe and her sisters. If the muses won’t visit you, write about them. They’ll suddenly be on you like mosquitoes on a clean baby.

Divide By Zero


Episode 11

If you're new to this I urge you to check this out first:

The Vault 2 - Lithium Trailer


I'm done writing it and am laying the groundworks such as building the spaces. I thought I'd celebrate with a terribly uplifting trailer. Yeah, occasionally I like to do something…


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Troupe d' Ark Group on Vimeo


Created for the #vimeo #weekendchallenge.

Cast: Maria José Sánchez

Tags: weekend challenge, vimeo, challenge, flow and movement

Silent Night

The Kandahar Massacre is considered one of the most severe war crime blamed on a member of the U.S. Armed Forces since the war in Vietnam. In the early morning hours of March 11, 2012, U.S. Staff Sergeant Robert Bales allegedly killed 16 Afghan civilians in villages near the military camp where he was based.

2470media's Lela Ahmadzai travelled to Afghanistan and spoke to the survivors who lost their closest relatives in the night of Bales' riot. The product of her journey is a documentary that moves the focus away from the suspect and tells the story of the victims whose voices, so far, have remained publicly unheard.
For more information click here:

Director, Cinematographer: Lela Ahmadzai
Additional cinematography: Mamoon Durrani
Editor: Nidal Bulbul
Assistant Producer: Stephan Bader
Executive Producer: Michael Hauri

Cast: 2470media and Michael Hauri

Tags: Kandahar, massacre, Afghanistan, war, crime, Bales, army, victims, survivors, U.S., USA, documentary, 2470media, web and Kabul


The music video of the song of the haiku of the haiku-video.
Created using a shaky little sanyo, I-movie,garage band instruments played manually, live voice and acoustic guitar.

Cast: BlancheNoE

Tags: fall, blanchenoe, leaf, leaves, leaving, leavened, life, conscience and common

Post-it grid in 4 sheets

Sound: "Into Infinity "ear" loop" by Dntel (

Cast: Gabriel Feld


Short poetic documentary about Rua Augusta - São Paulo, Brazil

Short intro to a poetic documentary about Augusta street, São Paulo-SP Brazil.

GoPro for the photomotions
Sony NX70 for most shots
Super 8 to digital from family archives of the 70s
Edited with Sony Vegas PRO 12
Last 5 seconds from Internet archives (by the car´s models, must be from around 1950). for the music.

Cast: Companhia de Canoagem (CdC)

Tags: augusta, documentary and nx70



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