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devil made me do it

"Hi.  Hope you managed to get what you needed off FB.  If you mean those MOTC noodz in…"
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"Phonecall from a survivor today... day made."
Mar 14
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devil made me do it

"I see your FB account What Pics do you want?? I don’t get on here as much as I should. Glad…"
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How did you come to find the Ark?
Used to be this town called Livevideo and then we got extradited. Kinda like the USA, where the worlds miscreants go.
Do you happen to know anyone who's already a member here?
No Need to Answer This....
What is the reason you decided to come on board the Ark?
I've been here since god fell in love with noah and then punished him because he just wasn't that "into him"
Do you have a link to another site that gives us an idea of you as a vlogger or video-maker?
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Precious Metals Never Rust

Determined to spend 3 months as some version of Eva Green as Morticia then Blue Haired fairy or Back to my Red nature . the Hair gods have spoken and i NEED to get out of this cap FFS

Keep getting ready to put together some choreo for this song by Ghostly Kisses everytime it comes up on my daily shower playlist, or driving to work and visualizing the concept... I love playing with Non descript and non binary romantic themes so this is perfect for the moment as well. I keep choosing artists who see things on the beautiful colorful spectrum.. not an accident. This song AND "Hurt People" by Two Feet I have recorded the audio but have a clear visual of alot of floorwork ending with some  tricks recently learned from polers who sustained back injuries and reinvented their routines. BUT here we are in Covid post apocalypse  life and time is overtaken by travel and work... i can't BREATHE anymore. truly feel this way after training asthmatic lungs to breathe shallow breaths through double masks for a year. When is enough enough? . No one wants to complain in a pandemic, but you're covered in sweat all seasons, masks filled with sweat no matter the type, your face, nose ears and scalp get cuts and sores that can't heal. you DO get dizzy and winded if you have an active job on your feet.  getting INTO your car each night is like being released from prison- all jobs have an element of this but it shouldn't be THIS bad. it's just  a fact. At the beginning the adrenaline of wanting to HELP kept us going, Now a year later, I can say I personally  hit bottom , rand out of gas and thought i couldn't do another day at LEAST a dozen times.  How many bottoms can you hit before you don't bounce back again?  Almost fully vaccinated but will never be able to go maskless at work, so that gives me No relief. long drives to and from work are the only Space i have to conceptualize.  For now, I get home and train a little each day. If nothing else, I'm maintaining the hardbody and nothing is as freeing as feeling your muscle groups released from built up tension and the feeling of stiffness like steel bars. I am only comfortable in my own body when my own body is comfortable and healthy. When you've been athletic and flexy your whole life, sitting still actually causes anxiety and you can feel your body stiffen up like it's turning to stone.  Maybe going back to just being a dancing yoga rat will suffice but the brain wants it visualized and sealed into the creators album. ... maybe soon ill be let go from the job and find time... 

PTCB Vaccine Administration and Prescription Review certifications - IN the Bag, as of April 20. 420 has even more meaning now. I far from LOVE doing Vaccine clinics. 2 hour commutes to random locations, layered clothes with my whole head covered, on your feet, no breaks, cant drink much, goggles, shield and full PPE.  Gotta do this right now and at least I'm not just planning and implementing but jabbing instead. The state keeps threatening to get rid of us, then we wake up the next day to an emergency task to do and overtime, so we never know how long we'll be employed . Living day by day for the moment, but its very stressful in everyway. nothing tops the stories and tears when vaccinating some folks, they really Know what is going on here.  I'm thinking if i die soon at least there's a story somewhere to carry on for me, involving a historical pandemic. My hair is a disaster, it's suffocating, falling out and turning dark, so KitCat just dyed it burgundy black and gave me a nice coconut conditioning. Not fully vaccinated yet and will NEVER remove the PPE, we are seeing reinfection with worse symptoms within 90 days of 1st infection in folks under 40, the new variants are killing young healthy people after a long hard struggle. Don't look away or become complacent unless your goal is to be a mass murderer and commit suicide by covid. But if you're suicidal, you're probably not looking for this kind of suffering . Choose a method more closely in your wheelhouse. 

No Sweet Dream

Weee! Gamora Reface 

4/17/21- CRAZY... Covid containment is a mess in my state. No one even knows which direction to take, the psychological and emotional rollercoaster of working 7days and learning you are really not making any difference on any measurable scale except when you are catching a patient in an emergency. It's all a roll of the dice. Now that I'm talking to people who have children under age 2 fighting infection, rushed to ED and being dx'd with permanent heart and lung damage, it's just exhausting. We got 1 weekend off, and back to it by 7AM monday, in the 5 last days, the plan has changed 4 times and can't even keep up. We are only human and this is a bigger task than the Unbelievers have any idea they are 100% responsible for causing. jut , I dont really know.

Covid Containment Stories moved to Blog-friends only. Downers for Friends only

FB account - that is NOT me . It's been hacked Jan 6 and Jan 16, and before that Both my NBC account and PolePixie were "reported" and closed. I've got a plentiful dikpic collection , Video Too--> with faces. I should start a coffee Table book of unsolicited dikpics, jerkoff videos, and musical nude videos begging for interest when I have already said- capital NOPE

Ghostly Kisses-Delicious New music to unwind after this CovidHellscape workday


When sufficiently Cloned: proxies

DeCart,surrogates, copies, running scripts, penetration testing, rebuilds, clones... ART

Tommee Proffitt Never Send A Sheep To Kill A Wolf. This Is Me Taking Control. WTF Have YOU Done Lately?"- Wesley Gibson-Wanted 


Karol Helms first Pole Performance Video to ( 'White Town" - Your Woman)  taught me some of my 1st Pole Combos. You knew you were not enough for me.

Legends Never Die...but they always leave this plane too soon. Bowie, Prince, Chris Cornell...Chester Bennington, Tom Petty. Chris was my idol for so long. made it easy to tackle a man's song about women. I LOVE turning-tables. Bowie and Prince taught me to cross gender lines in defiance and a declaration of freedom. Chester let us reach in and touch his broken heart.

No Regrets for Pushing when One moment presents itself. So I can't expect goals to be attainable at this point in life, but everytime I even move, i have to be grateful. Well, it was fun Trying the Shoes that one week.

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part- Pole Comedy Video


music at soundcloud HERE


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At 7:24pm on October 14, 2020, ae777ed said…

At 7:23pm on October 14, 2020, ae777ed said…
You were the shadow to my light
Did you feel us
Another start
You fade away
Afraid our aim is out of sight
Wanna see us
Where are you now
Where are you now
Where are you now
Was it all in my fantasy
Where are you now
Were you only imaginary
Where are you now
Under the sea
Under the sea
Where are you now
Another dream
The monsters running wild inside of me
I'm faded
I'm faded
So lost
I'm faded
These shallow waters, never met
What I needed
I'm letting go
A deeper dive
Eternal silence of the sea
I'm breathing
Where are you now
Where are you now
Under the bright
But faded lights
You set my heart on fire
Where are you now
Where are you now
Where are you now
Where are you now
Where are you now
Under the sea
Under the sea
Where are you now
Another dream
The monsters running wild inside of me
I'm faded
I'm faded
At 9:53pm on May 8, 2020, DoK said…

This is a Universe, saying Hello !   Hello! 

At 5:18pm on April 30, 2020, ae777ed said…

Alana Stewart on Twitter: "“@take2radio: @AlanaKStewart Just ...

At 5:58pm on March 6, 2020, ae777ed said…

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At 5:51pm on March 6, 2020, ae777ed said…

Beautiful ,, i love it ,,,thanks for sharing,,, Epic for sure ... :D

At 6:54pm on March 2, 2020, ae777ed said…

Now i get it ,,, lol

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At 6:00pm on March 2, 2020, ae777ed said…

Sorry ,,, i didn't get it ,,, lol

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At 5:37pm on February 17, 2020, ae777ed said…

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At 5:28pm on February 17, 2020, ae777ed said…

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