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Please humor me -RE: Covid Psychosis

** if there are errors in grammar and prose here, please excuse. Im feverishly typing atm....

we have known Covid Psychosis is a "thing' for over a year. It has not been disseminated to the American public for a myriad of reasons. it will likely NOT be disseminated At this time either, for another set of reasons including the DANGER in sharing this information, which is likely to be propagandized and turned into political violent rhetoric which will place professionals and innocent people in mortal DANGER .

I have 1 day off today and checked in with family of ONE person I encountered and saved after a long 2 hours of chaos trying to get help to the address and to differentiate between actions, paranoia, panic, clinical symptoms and talking to all branches of emergency responders... last weekend . the details are horrific all around.

the family had been trying to call me overnight several times but didnt leave a message. Im off today, and just checked my phone while having my coffee. I knew the patient was hospitalized 2 hours after our encounter on Sunday when  he was experiencing , cardiac, neurological, and severe respiratory symptoms at the time..that an ER dr and an urgent care doctor misdiagnosed.....**no comment


This blog is ALSO a WARNING about American Mental Healthcare . IF you ever have a loved one who has a break with reality, a dangerous or violent outburst, may be under the influence of pharmaceutical or illicit drugs or has NO substance abuse history, and may be having an acute psychotic episode... please know THIS->>when a patient is assessed in ED, given psych eval and admitted to a psych ward. REGARDLESS of the cause of their incident - I've never known of a time when NO Psychotropic meds were immediately prescribed. UNDERSTAND THIS, Serotonin Syndrome is VERY common, and often misdiagnosed or completely bypassed by clinicians. The protocol to treat an acute episode overrides all other considerations...SOOOO, your loved one is likely to be placed suddenly on a Cocktail of psychotropics meds which may POTENTIATE their psychosis instead of alleviate it. 

ONCE you get a patient on these meds, you cannot just CEASE these medications. There is no such thing as the condition many American clinicians CLAIM... ( "imbalance" of neurochemicals) we have studied this for decades and there is no proof to support this notion, however, it IS the "notion" upon which prescribing is DONE.

So HERE with Covid19, we have patients with NO history of mental health issues, SUDDENLY have a dangerous psychotic break and are in TURN>>> thrust into the whirlwind experience of becoming medication dependant OR risk suicidal and homicidal ideation and actions DURING the titration ONTO these med cocktails AND on the titration or Cessation OFF these meds.

IF your loved one has sudden change of personality and is SARS CoV2 Positive, please take all considerations into account. WHen you hand over the care of your loved one to a mental health facility, YOUR rights and THEIRS are left at the door, until such time as a Clinician DECIDES their fate, and at no time, if they are 18 or older, can YOU or THEY make treatment decisions OR refuse pharmaceutical Rx. If you start to research mental health patient experiences in America, you will not need to "believe" what I'm reporting but it is in your best interest to arm yourself with Information before you may ever have to deal with this.

MY patient was no doubt experiencing Covid psychosis, which can come and go, may be acute and/or dangerous to the person's OWN safety and others..(we were GIVEN these warnings from nations which were being forthcoming with the immediate results of research and their evaluation of Covid patients 1 year ago. this is BEFORE the more virulent strains which to date we have NO research to refer to as yet--but i can attest since first week of JAN 2021- we almost NEVER have "contacts" to trace, we instead have ENTIRE families, with all connections fro 14days prior to symptom onset, -->Positive cases, and clusters or outbreaks in their workplaces and/or schools.  exactly 1 week after reopening FULL "in person' learning at county k-12 districts, the infection started in full households. Most Children are NOT tested (sometimes to SPARE # of tests and other times to reduce exposure by isolating the child and ASSUMING Positivity). our NUMBERS reflect ONLY those who seek Testing or are tested upon clinical contact. 

we are encountering a new array of what appear to be psychological syndromes - OBVIOUSLY if you contract infection through your NOSE- (we already have studies confirming the Olfactory Nerve is Covid's entry point to the CNS- the blood brain barrier is easily breached at this location (Covid exploits endothelial linings around ALL organs, and effects ACE2 receptors in all regions of the body..this is WHY symptoms vary greatly from one patient to another). Patients who lose sense of taste and smell may consider this a sign the BBB was crossed through the olfactory nerve- this symptom has ALWAYS been present in cases weve investigated in my district alone...when they ALSO have the following: sudden personality changes, confusion, night terrors, brain fog, night sweats, paranoia, anxiety, rapid heart rate with panic attack and for some they end up like my Superbowl sunday patient. (sudden erratic behaviors, extreme fear, dangerous behaviors, not recognizing family, panic , suicidal ideation, desparation and manic physical activity,). NO one thinks of these as symptoms of a viral infection..... and NO one has been informed these are possible.  

IF psych symptoms are the result of viral infection having CNS effects, it is not a circumstance of permanent or diagnosed clinical mental health condition , hence, Rx treatments which will be BOTH attenuating the psychological  SYMPToms , could put them at greater RISK , complicate accurate diagnosis, and burden the patient with titrating dosage, while an infection is raging in their CNS  >>>>>  Catastrophic consequences.

My check-in was Horrific news.  I can only be general about this, but horrific doesn't really cut it.

Mental health 72 hour observation admissions end ALWAYS with an evaluation and a BOOT onto the streets with no followup. They end with a handful of Rx in the hands of patients who are NOT necessarily ready to care for themselves , who OFTEN are at the Beginning of titrating a cocktail of medications they have no reason to be treated with, AND to become autonomous in DOSING themselves and making decisions. We Used to have In patient care where these individuals would be OBSERVED 24/7 through this process so that clinicians could control the process, make changes as necessary and OBSERVE the individuals REACTION to these unpredictable cocktails of psychoactive drugs.  It's another major issue to discuss ..why we have NO mental healthcare system in place that does more than just WRITE Rx and shove the entire population onto the streets ..where, they do what I've personally experienced MULTIPLE times in NJ..and statistically it can't always end in a MVA with minor injuries but instead, fatalities. hey , did you KNOW? police reports when people are DUI on prescription meds, NEVER end in courtrooms or public service announcements... *talk amongst yourselves about why the pharma industry has this much power....over your lives and public safety. (myself and my sons have been HIT by DUI drivers who were negative for alcohol and illicit drugs-but POSITIVES for Rx drugs 6 TIMES.  (each had  several Rx psychotropic and painkiller bottles in their purse or IN the car at the time of the collision). 1 female had just picked up the NEW Rx and taken a combo before rear ending my son at 50MPH in a 35MPH limit local street where he was completely stopped at a 4way stopsign-She said she didn't even remember the events before the crash and was confused about where she was and what just occurred by the time police arrived) this happened  6 TIMES of the 12 times we were involved in MVA. only 2 of the remaining 6 were NOT under the influence of ANY substances, 2 were alcohol and age related.  

Patients experiencing psych disturbances get in CARS, trucks and Vans < they drive on mind altering meds, and this often ends BADLY for themselves, their families, and innocent people. They also often times become thrust into the mental healthcare where they are never clearly diagnosed and the effects of their meds become what their DX says.

You can read personal accounts of these experiences for days.... when it comes to Covid Psychosis, This is TEMPORARY, and resolves most often within the time it takes for the body to build enough antibodies to fight off the virus and return to homeostasis. SOME patients are having lasting neuro effects, depression, anxiety, intrusive thoughts, night terrors, ...but we have no answers for that YET.

we certainly don't have any reason to believe that placing Covid patients on psychotropic pharma cocktails has ANY POSITIVE effect on the outcome of a Covid infection.

+++im gonna go throw snowballs  now to get the frustration out from what i just learned. and then call his brother back...  (bro and mother are now having to consult attorneys because..

as soon as a patient turns 18, family has NO rights to advice, counsel or REQUEST anything ...the prescribing Clinician is in control.   THINK FOR A SECOND...what young men and women are LIKe as soon they turn age 18... when someone starts prescribing mind altering drugs to these teens, they very often are gifted with dependancy for life, or a predictable outcome, of early death, encounters with law enforcement and other psychological issues which result from EARLY treatment with psychoactive drugs when the brain is not fully formed.... NIGHTMARE.... only a small percentage get the chance to recognize what the meds are doing to them, and have the strength and fortitude to QUIT them cold turkey and get their lives BACK...

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