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Freshman year of college , I was dating a guy for about a year and a half. By end of spring semester it ended abruptly  one breezy warm night.

I worked full-time and was in school full-time so we could only see each other mainly weekends. I was great with that because I didn't really WANT a boyfriend while in college. He was older and very protective.  I really was focused on school and work. Some days I had evening classes and one week night i got out a little early. To my good fortune, the bucket car I owned with my best friend was driving well enough to make it across town.I took the the city bus home, changed to a cute summer outfit and surprised Him. We liked to go to Cafes in Little Italy during the week. Maybe we'd take the bike. Little red beast grinds over to his family's house, and I leave her under a waving Brooklyn tree two doors down. Ringing the front doorbell brings no one so I go around back. Only he and his brother have cars in the driveway. By the time I get around to the back door, I see through the back kitchen window, G and some girl running down the stairs from his room. His brother sitting at the table doing homework looks up at me like he is seeing Godzilla. It's On. All I can see is G waving his arms and yelling at the girl, then she bolts out the front door. I have no idea what she was wearing but it didn't appear to be ALL of her clothes, and he was shirtless. I recognized the girl. A skank from down the block his brother warned me about recently. This was no doubt in the works when I was warned. She was totally into him and hated me. She was really kind of gross looking. Don't know why she wasn't in school or working and looked 10 years older than her age.  This girl always found a way to wander down the street when we were on the porch, trying to go talk to his mother.  So this is what he does when I'm at school? That's fine. Downgrade to your own level, then. (She was probably Monday,Tues, Thursday) 

G Liked having a "nice girl", a "good girl". His family embraced and took good care of me, I really didn't have family. His mom and aunts really liked me and I'd be there often cooking with them and at their dress shop. They were very much like my Italian side of the family.  I think this was alot of pressure for G. This would be bad with his family, probably more than with me, despite it was going to hurt. Being taken advantage of and lied to always hurts. They Liked their son with a "good girl", a college student training to be a teacher, with a good job...but I didn't make these choices.

OKAY! it's ON. ---Once I looked at his brother's face, it was less than 2 seconds before I KNEW what i was going to do. No words, just action. Time stops and you can do so much in seconds when there is shock. I spun my little skirted self in a 180 , hopped down those 4 brick steps and headed further into the backyard. The detached shed had the doors swung open, a tarp lay on the ground in front of it right next to the bike. He owned two beautiful bikes; a Black and white Ninja with red trim and a Blue and Silver Suzuki. The Ninja was sitting all polished and glistening next to the tarp. On the tarp were partly open cans of wax, rubber glue and tools. No bueno.  I wandered into the shed. By this time, less than 10 seconds had passed scanning this area and G's brother had his face smashed against the backdoor window wondering wtf is she doing. I disappeared into the darkness of the shed. Someone flipped the back light on. I yelled "THANKS" and waved my arm.

There it was. A row of drippy paint cans with one brand new full can on top. Lord only knows who it belonged to. I grabbed the screwdriver and popped it open. Me and my pink skirt slid back out of the dark shed. I smiled at G's Brother and waved BIG.  He didn't say a word, I knew he wouldn't stop me either. He always liked me; was probably hoping I'd make a trade; he was  cute but too young. There was no yelling coming from the house now. No one came outside. Time stood still and now there was SILENCE.

I walked over the tarp and stood in front of the Ninja we rode so often and decided. With the can just over the backseat I began my test pour, just to see if it would splash. Nah, it wasn't stirred so after the clear layer, a nice thick GALLON of white house paint easily slid down the back and I pulled it forward quickly to make sure there was enough to cover the whole bike. This paint was so thick, it took a while to reach the ground. DAMN, i wish there were cellphones back then, because if you're never gonna see someone again, this would have been a beautiful video.

I dropped that can on the ground, thought better about kicking it because there wasn't a single splatter of white paint on my nice outfit. I waved to G's brother, who gave me a weak wave back with his mouth in an eek position. We both knew it was a goodbye but i would talk to him again in the future. G was walking circles in the living room waving arms, wiping his face and talking to himself. He never tried to come outside.  As i walked the thin concrete driveway skimming carefully past parked cars in my pastel outfit, I heard the squeaky screen door finally open. Didn't look back, but heard G start running and i turned ... 'don't. Don't EVER come near me, my car or my house again. We're done'. Enjoy the skank.

I walked up to the sidewalk got in the car, backed up a bit to see if he stayed out there, and there he was just STANDING over the bike with his arms crossed over his head. What are you gonna do? 

Black Ninja plus White Paint=Goodbye.

His mama was not happy, she even used to call to "see how I was".  NOPE. No used parts, no scrubs, no skanks. Every mom wants the best for their son, but men make their own choices. I "saw" him a few times over the years. Never married. He owned a little store at one point and tried asking me out when i was engaged--to the first guy I knew I would never marry.

 He still had that irresistible smile, really handsome and fit, but life is like that. Grab that brass ring when it passes because when you miss the boat, it's not coming back for you.  you can't come back from some things without making a big effort. 

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