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 (Mob Nephew Blog is Now up on a blogsite) - the other Cheaterific Files blogs are "friends Only" to keep a copy in case I screw up editing on the blogsite. -- 2 New missions have just come my way, so writing is on the backburner.

 "Dont F With My Freedom" will remain here  

It's kind of a theme. don't fvck with my children, don't fvck with my property, don't fvck with my freedom, don't fvck with my grades, don't fvck with my civil rights, don't fvck with my body and mind...It's a neverending battle for females in this fvcking world. I said we are coming, expect us. It's become inevitable for females to step up. Men held us back unwittingly in some ways because some of us were so busy fighting against the system to have BOTH children and a career, we didn't have TIME to even sleep much less get in the streets protesting. They Counted ON it, the system is designed that way. Survival keeps people from pushing back. that IS actually part of the philosophy of keeping the bees busy making honey.  No honey..No mas.

Some men have made it impossible for other men to make excuses for them anymore, and everyone's going to have to accept female leadership in the wake of the global debacle we find ourselves in. 

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"come on Little Lady, give us a smile".

No, I ain't got nothing to smile about. I got no one to smile for, I waited a while for
A moment to say I don't owe you a goddamn thing .....

I'm tired and I'm angry, but somebody Should be. " - Halsey 

Halsey; that reminds me, --New Jersey Celebs:

NY and NJ are birthplaces of so many artists and entertainers, it is not unusual to watch people you know get discovered. Also not unusual to meet celebs regularly or be on the same paths of their daily lives, so there is a respect for their privacy and peace. (and these are stories for another blog). 

Little Ashley Frangipane from 4H Camp making it after blowing minds under a little outdoor theater stage wooden roof--makes my heart SING.  The Video for "Eastside" features clips from camp for her biographical part of the song. Little clips of "the infamous lake", brokedown bathrooms and old cabins.  4H University Coop Camp is an authentic outdoor character building social experience, where kids can grow UP together and discover WHO they are.  Life is LIKE that. 

  I love when women Make it. Halsey is taking alot of risks, being true to herself, honest about her mental health issues which don't make her any LESS than..and this is a big part of driving the Women's Rights movement we have been FORCED to ReBOOT . I am grateful for this generation. They are my students literally. When you get them in front of you and tell them how important it is to understand their rights and that NOTHING is guaranteed, you get THIS. These girls becoming women, KNOW our rights are under attack and they have the power to hold onto them and demand MORe.

I Love Women. In the words ofMegan Rapinoe... " I Deserve This, All of it"

Track 2 Hottub Party - but we're not time traveling unfortunately,, or I'd have some things to UnDecide. lol

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Changes are a coming and not soon enough!

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