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Cheaterific Files - Single Edition - moved to blogsite

**Relationship Blogs will be moved to their Own home where the focus will be human behavior, relationships, psychology, neuroscience stuff...and other musings. There's tons of writing that needs it's own space in order to finally get onto pages and off a harddrive. There may become a blank page here with or without a link when the blog is up. Hope these are insightful in some ways.

Lets Tackle the Single Guy first: 

Every single One of these is a Dealbreaker

(the word he could be replaced with she in any circumstance)

  • When a single guy has a "Days of the Week" schedule
  • You may find yourself being offered a "day" of the week and specific time of day
  • Sudden changes in behavior begin when a supplier becomes available
  • He may not stop until he gets caught and called out by one or the other, but will try again
  • May get sloppy after You have both professed your love-attempts to control or shame you into compliance
  • May suddenly decide you can only see him at 9AM on a Sunday, NO! BYEeeee
  • Or only at 2PM on a Friday, because well, other targets will be available at other times
  • Wed , Fri, Sunday - because he may have a schedule for sex.
  • Enlists a compassionate 3rd party as Triangulation tool- to either support elaborate lies, or plant seeds of alternate history stories in anticipation of a big exposure. 
  • Exploits all people in his circle to aid in acquisition of supply and triangulation of friends/acquaintenances
  • No relationship is real, or two-way. Every one is chosen or enlisted to appropriate supply.
  • Tells so many lies, he loses track so will feign memory loss or rewrite history to claim things never happened, because his lies contradict each other
  • He will continue to carry on with two women well after being caught, he just creates a more elaborate plan
  • If you say no to a pathetic offer, he may assign that time to another supplier where he will carry on with the exact plans he made with you
  • Doesn't want to risk you ever calling or showing up when he's with another Day-because that's happened before
  • Believes he is "giving" you something by fitting you in, doesn't recognize  "are you kidding me? "
  • When you say no or don't answer, he keeps asking anyway
  • May be oblivious but most probably, it's theater - he knows,just hoping to keep you strung along
  • You may be Sunday but that window of time is reserved because he has Plans "later" with another supplier
  • I actually KNOW a girl who just married a guy after playing the role of "Thursday" for YEARS
  • The whole family didn't even call her by her name, She was "Thursday" 
  • The brother even greeted her at the door "Hey, Thursday is Here", she didn't blink, she was a doorknob
  • When the wedding was announced I had to ask "What's her real name again?" I only knew her as Thursday
  • Some women have no self esteem, other prospects, are desperate, homeless or this guy may be easily "convinced" of things no other man could be convinced of, so it may be mutual
  • May tell you he doesn't have a cell phone in the 21st century
  • Answers the phone during intimacy insisting it's his Mother - to your absolute shock and disgust
  • Doesn't understand why you stopped seeing him after that
  • Gaslights and starts a fight to change the subject or attempt to make you doubt your eyes
  • Tries to tell you there is no possible WAY he can call "mommy" BACK - you call bullshit, he gets angry
  • Dealbreaker- We make movies about this and there's hundreds of songs 
  • He may even come Back later, looking for intimate time, after being with another supplier
  • You start him up, he goes over there and comes back for what he wants.  He's a two-fer
  • No person cannot call someone Back at a more convenient time. If it's an emergency, they leave a message.
  • No normal person does this, It's girl and guy code lesson 1
  • Argue and he will gaslight you as if YOU must be jealous or insane to question his cruelty
  • He will never OWN it, no matter how many times you confront him, but later will rewrite history
  • They are expert history revisionists
  • He may answer another call and hang up on you,  "technical difficulties" 
  • Guy over 30 is trying to tell you his mother calls him on videochat, and not on a cellphone 
  • May be with you trying not to pay attention to his dinging chat app - BYYYeeee
  • After a few repeated dings, he may suddenly need to go 
  • may ask if you're good with sharing. Um,,,NO, -now he has to carry on with a PlanB
  • May get distracted by chatting other women while talking to you and spaces out- ask a question
  • He's in love but has no character, greedy and will chase anything if it becomes available
  • There is no "type" for this type of man, it's whatever will cooperate, No standards, No character
  • You may have periods of security in your relationship until another target is Activated-they recycle alot
  • May use the excuse of depression for disappearing acts when he gets into it Deep with another supplier
  • May Suddenly get interrupted during intense intimacy by texts and calls from another supplier
  • He doesn't know what to do, so he goes back to the most insane and unbelievable excuses you're ever heard- um BYeee
  • May be unstable or have several suppliers if his time Maxes out throughout your relationship.
  • He may go a max of 3 months before a meltdown and sudden gaslighting. It may repeat
  • Inconsistency is the only constant.
  • when he needs to hurt you and redirect being called out, he May begin a sudden attack on uncontrollable things- Like,   "you have allergies"  wtaf?
  • Will lie and omit so much, almost nothing about them is real. You may never really know who you are with.
  • When he feels trapped or exposed, he may accuse you of being suspicious or jealous. Disgust at deplorable behavior is not jealousy. 
  • This "type:  will play all possible chips to try to ensure "some kind" of outcome that benefits him
  • IF you check off one of these, you don't matter to this man, If you check off more than one  He will never care about you more than he cares about getting what he wants

These are all well documented behaviors which can also be found analyzed and reported on, from many professional sources. I could link all day, the number of sources is so monumentally long.

Episode One...

**k, the storm stopped, back outside then back to prepping tonight

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