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Embry Riddle Finals Week Mass shooting ---Averted (4AM prep, apprehended 935AM)

(if'I've made a ton of mistakes in my typing, I don't know that it matters... spilling it out here as i process)

Press Conference

One ray of hope - FINALLY one of them is still alive and charged with…


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Please humor me -RE: Covid Psychosis

** if there are errors in grammar and prose here, please excuse. Im feverishly typing atm....

we have known Covid Psychosis is a "thing' for over a year. It has not been disseminated to the American public for a myriad of reasons. it will likely NOT be disseminated At this time either, for another set of reasons including the DANGER in sharing this information, which is likely to be propagandized and turned into political violent rhetoric which will place professionals and…


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Polypropylene Nonwoven Masks- you can make

so, how do you get polypropylene fabric to begin with?  Many reusable totebags, household and outdoor items are made of this fabric-like plastic. You can cut them up, dispose of edges where stitching has been made, Inspect them for holes then work with the Large remaining in tact sections - .

 This non woven plastic provides a material without holes , as malleable as a fabric, that not wick or absorb…


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it helps to remind yourself WHY we bother to keep on

 I used to record and share in order to prove  you can't  make a difference if you quit or get discouraged.

Sometimes you get ONE bloom a year (like CHIG's annual Bloom).

Its value cancels out EVERY poor outcome... here's One little nugget from 2014

  • I teach 8th grade for the moment. BIG kids, teens and some are huge…

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july UPDATE -added free Literature to DL

-(the psychology of Donald Trump) Malignant Narcissist In OurHouse

July 2020 -I uploaded the dangerous case of donald trump and my copy of Bolton's book on my google docs.

1.  The_Dangerous_Case_Of_Donald_Trump_27_Ps.pdf



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Lara Croft and Terry (script link in line one)

(following a romantic scene where it appears she is finally able to TRUST him .and invites a passionate kiss. He turns on her and blows it with this shit) 

Terry:  So it's come to this, has it?

Well, you do have authorization to kill me.    Better do it, then.

'Cause if you think standing in front of me is gonna be enough...

You don't have it in you to stop…


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Solving the WATER crisis in Nevada/Arizona/CA-UNLV Potable water engineering -my cousin's son

the Environmental Engineer...

Daniel  is my cousin's son. She is older than I, and took care of ME when i was little. She had Danny as a teen and I remember helping her with him as a baby when I was a teenager. He was sort of raised by a community effort, of extended family members and his father's side chipping in. 

On all my visits to AZ through the years, observing all the development, I always wondered HOW they could keep up with growing infrastructure and…


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Don't F with My Freedom

 (Mob Nephew Blog is Now up on a blogsite) - the other Cheaterific Files blogs are "friends Only" to keep a copy in case I screw up editing on the blogsite. -- 2 New missions have just come my way, so writing is on the backburner.

 "Dont F With My Freedom" will remain here  

It's kind of a theme. don't fvck with my children, don't fvck with my property, don't fvck with my freedom, don't fvck with my grades, don't fvck with my civil rights, don't fvck with my body and…


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Cheaterific Files - The Ninja

Freshman year of college , I was dating a guy for about a year and a half. By end of spring semester it ended abruptly  one breezy warm night.

I worked full-time and was in school full-time so we could only see each other mainly weekends. I was great with that because I didn't really WANT a boyfriend while in college. He was older and very protective.  I really was focused on school and work. Some days I had evening classes and one week night i got out a little early. To my…


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Cheaterific Files - Single Edition - moved to blogsite

**Relationship Blogs will be moved to their Own home where the focus will be human behavior, relationships, psychology, neuroscience stuff...and other musings. There's tons of writing that needs it's own space in order to finally get onto pages and off a harddrive. There may become a blank page here with or without a link when the blog is up. Hope these are insightful in some…


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Diddles' Meteor- 2006 QV89

2019 Meteor Strike postponement is the First Atheist's Prayer on record known to be answered.  
Going to Submit The Phrase "Telepathic rescheduling" to Urban Dictionary.
Although these are weak results from “Wisher” for the planned Telepathic meteor strike, this is evidentiary of a possible correlation between wishing everyone DEAD, and Needing a slight postponement. …

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The Old Man and The Glasses

The Old Man and the Glasses


**camera looks up from the desk revealing An old man through the Eyes of a mouse, his companion through day and night in hisTiny Dark Kingdom)


His face appears colossal against the darkness of the room- the light from a singular lamp illuminates his figure

 Frail and thin, Face worn and haggard,Eyes beady and Small

They don’t open wide,…


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Music For Libtards - Episode 2 - Holding On

In the search for a spark of hope. This weekend's Mission turned up a few.

1. Greta Van Fleet- giving Rock CPR just when it seemed it might just sink into Music History: (yes, they sound exactly like Zep-BUT I see the potential for morphing into a 21st Century phenom)

2. Tash Sultana…


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Music for Libtards - Episode 1

** we can make this a series. If you're feeling inspired Post away. Personally , I haven't slept in months, and have been on a music fast, which KILLS ME. Time to reach BACK to where hope lives.

Heres some from my childhood. This man's voice NEVER faltered. just WOW. I have watched this 2005 concert so many times for both passion and quality. …


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Hillary Blaze cousin(late Santo Napoli)NEXT album

I remember there was a BEatles joke around the studio. joe paul sandy and jimmy..where's Ringo?

I remember this one! Very RUSH like, the WHO. and with his Bowie type sound, it was mindblowing SciFi…


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Paper Garden -my cousin Santo Napoli's Beatlesque Band

Related image

Rest In Peace Sandy.

Tracks available in a playlist now that some idiot reported the full album for copyright infringement.

He's 20 years older than I, so naturally I thought he was a rock god..I FOUND my cousin Sandy's Album I grew up listening to believing truly they were as special as The…


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HumanFeats Smiletime

1.   pianist best known for beautiful covers of Rock songs. My son has already taken up playing guitar like a storm after hearing his track and cover of Linkin Park    In the End.  Inspiration can get someone out of a funk like being hit by a meteorite…


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Petition to Keep Vitamins from Becoming Pharmaceuticals

Article has link to petition at bottom:

If you care to keep natural remedies available legally in the United States, you could help.

P5P (B6)  is something I take as a renal protective measure to slow the progression of my kidney disease.  It's an essential vitamin that has no reason to be pulled from the market in only the US by the FDA.…


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No Reason

I was working for days and needed some new tunes to help get through the hours, when I grew a liking to the trippy digital orchestra on this one. 

The contrast between hearing the song and seeing the music video was whoa!

it tripped me the feck OUT..and I liked it!

Okay MOTC< I got my hands back on computers,…


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What Really Happens In a Zombie Apocalypse

(I'm sharing some private moments here so  PASSWORD = "ebola" to view  )

What Really Happens in a Zombie Apocalypse from Feelie McFeelz on Vimeo.



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