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Music for Libtards - Episode 1

** we can make this a series. If you're feeling inspired Post away. Personally , I haven't slept in months, and have been on a music fast, which KILLS ME. Time to reach BACK to where hope lives.

Heres some from my childhood. This man's voice NEVER faltered. just WOW. I have watched this 2005 concert so many times for both passion and quality. …


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Hillary Blaze cousin(late Santo Napoli)NEXT album

I remember there was a BEatles joke around the studio. joe paul sandy and jimmy..where's Ringo?

I remember this one! Very RUSH like, the WHO. and with his Bowie type sound, it was mindblowing SciFi…


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Paper Garden -my cousin Santo Napoli's Beatlesque Band

Related image

Rest In Peace Sandy.

Tracks available in a playlist now that some idiot reported the full album for copyright infringement.

He's 20 years older than I, so naturally I thought he was a rock god..I FOUND my cousin Sandy's Album I grew up listening to believing truly they were as special as The…


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HumanFeats Smiletime

1.   pianist best known for beautiful covers of Rock songs. My son has already taken up playing guitar like a storm after hearing his track and cover of Linkin Park    In the End.  Inspiration can get someone out of a funk like being hit by a meteorite…


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Petition to Keep Vitamins from Becoming Pharmaceuticals

Article has link to petition at bottom:

If you care to keep natural remedies available legally in the United States, you could help.

P5P (B6)  is something I take as a renal protective measure to slow the progression of my kidney disease.  It's an essential vitamin that has no reason to be pulled from the market in only the US by the FDA.…


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No Reason

I was working for days and needed some new tunes to help get through the hours, when I grew a liking to the trippy digital orchestra on this one. 

The contrast between hearing the song and seeing the music video was whoa!

it tripped me the feck OUT..and I liked it!

Okay MOTC< I got my hands back on…


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What Really Happens In a Zombie Apocalypse

(I'm sharing some private moments here so  PASSWORD = "ebola" to view  )

What Really Happens in a Zombie Apocalypse from Feelie McFeelz on Vimeo.



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FrightFest Bloggy #3- Folklore, Urban Legend, Ghost Stories

Are there local legends you've heard that are not as widely recognized that you could share with us?

Being from the Northeast United States, there were a few I carried in my "baggage" until about age 16. The Jersey Devil of the Pine barrens 

(not this one)

is a popular tease for local Halloween events

and addressing letters to friends who still live in…


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FrightFest Blog - Weird NJ-Other FF Blogs=FriendsOnly, Login to read

NatureJunkie's blog sparked memories of the many horror stories and strange local lore I've learned about since I moved to the state of New Jersey.  Weird NJ Magazine explained the details and history of many of them for me. I have a few of the first publications of this bizarre mag. 

In my Weird NJ thoughts, I was reminded of the park we lovingly…


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Fact: When you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at;  change.

Why Do You have unfinished projects?

That's the first thing to come to mind when the concept is addressed.

If it's because you don't like the way something looks that you have indeed completed? Why?

Is it because there are pieces missing which are beyond your own control?

Is it because you fear how it will be received?

Is it because you had an idea and your…


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Men in Tights?

AT the Bottom is a Parody Video which might need explaining to be properly Consumed.

I've been SO pleased to see a relatively obscure singer/songwriter(Sia Furler) become more widely recognized for a few songs which are NOT mainstream sell-outs.  She sang vocals on a few Zero 7 songs. Zero 7 is a fluid group of artists who record with various Vocalists, including Tina Dico.…


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Dying To Start Again

As a meditation from this "so-called Life", I enjoyed clipping together a 2nd set of "pole diary" clips to a song by a band I've been following for a while now. 

If the body and ever-changing commitments cooperate, I can keep fitting in this hobby which brings me joy for SO many reasons. 

 Video LINK: Dying To Start…


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First Spin Ever - friends video

I realize "friends only" setting may not work here,  we may not even be "friends" on this site.  It's always just been "home", but If you're READING this, you must be a friend, because who else Visits?

I'm sitting here "being still" (which is rare), so I snipped together bits from trying out the spinny pole.

Finally the day came when there was no choice but to get…


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It's Been Over A Year

Since I made a new video.

Time, Life, and Technical boundaries all take turns keeping me from creating.

I'm sure you artists know how that game goes.

This one took since January to get done. There was alot of learning, waiting and "stuff", and nearly 3 years on my way to somewhere else, before everything suddenly changed.

Finally I've got something NEW to offer…


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Weird Dream, Challenge and Why

1. DREAM - Last Night: In a small community of Cro-Magnon man, as a result of daily life conflicts about carrying water, fighting over women, sleeping space in a cave, and food; TWO males enter a heated argument, in GESTURES. I recall trying to decipher whether they mean, "you sat on my water holder" or " you bastard, you humped my woman".  I only remember…


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 Save The World ....

(this got me going this morning and the first Image in my mind was Chig and his doggies).

Let's do this…


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Ridiculous News of the Week

  1. While the rest of us struggle daily to stay ALIVE; Crash test dummies came back without arms and legs and this is a good idea?
  1. Man Returns to bank after robbery to withdraw money for an escape taxi.…

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Music Collabs and Live Shows

I lose the power of speech temporarily from some of these.

I adore acoustic performances and collabs between friends. Some bands have become standard collaborators and it gets old quickly (Coldplay anyone? I love coldplay but). Nearly all hiphop and rap artists sample music but that's a formula for the craft and I enjoy it as another Flavor of music.

When friends come together because they admire each other's talent, it's always apparent in the…


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Welcome New Liver -Video Collection- for BlancheNoE

For Organizational purposes - I will be LINKING Video responses to Pypermarru1's - Welcome New liver Within this blog.  I WILL update the blog with each addition, to keep it accessible on the front page.

Complain to CHIG if you don't like…


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