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Paper Garden -my cousin Santo Napoli's Beatlesque Band

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Rest In Peace Sandy.

Tracks available in a playlist now that some idiot reported the full album for copyright infringement.

He's 20 years older than I, so naturally I thought he was a rock god..I FOUND my cousin Sandy's Album I grew up listening to believing truly they were as special as The Beatles. My family doesn't speak to me anymore because my mom disconnected us. i started listening to this as a child when i found it in my dad's collection.This is a gift from the universe and hope you enjoy. I learned just a few years ago My cousin and another on the same estranged side share the same rare kidney disease I have, and he has just passed.Sandy is the lead singer, played keyboards, piano, citar guitar and any instrument he would be handed. HE ended up using his creativity to make prosthetics in the medical field. I worshiped him as a musician, sitting there with all these adults jamming and just knew i would never survive if i lost my was so important.

I wish my family had not been split apart when my dad died, so I would have experienced first hand so much more that he accomplished. It is only through another cousin that I learned my genetic kidney disease effects two paternal cousins. This has helped 2 of us receive better treatment but Sandy lost his kidneys and then his life. He has a daughter who will surely miss her daddy. image

** i moved this from the video section realizing its an embed, and belongs in blogs

Talking clouds are climbing high above he moon

shadow digging dancing through the night....

Dancing round a wicked pot of brew

Wondering if the pot was made for You.... (dance dance dance)

don't be Late...Crazy Place...

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Comment by NatureJunkie on September 19, 2017 at 1:23am

This is a wonderful album, glad to discover it through you. I'm sure there were scads of overlooked psychedelic bands of that era that never made it to the fame they deserved. For years I had an album by a band called Crabby Appleton. Couldn't figure out why I was the only one who ever heard of them. And then a couple years ago I read "King Dork" and learned about The Flower Pot Men. Who knew?

"Apparently when you're a musician, you can adapt yourself to other things." -Dick Clark

I'm sorry that Sandy wasn't lavished by the fame that touched others of his generation, and I'm sorry that he succumbed too early to the thing that threatens you. He touched a lot of lives through music and through healing, so thank you, Sandy. And thanks, TG, for telling me about him.

Comment by ThatGirl on September 19, 2017 at 4:30pm

It's no wonder i love such trippy music. the family was very supportive and proud of Sandy and his dad supported and encouraged him.  to find the album and actually be able to play it is AMAZING.It has lived IN my HEAD all these years and as soon as i clicked play I was singing along and knew what track was next! Its weird how Sandy was about the same age as my dad, (Sandys mom was from a 1stWave of children)  

on Dick Clarks quote - i just checked out the people you mentioned and YES, a musician can transition to any of the arts..cant they?

I didn't realize my dads entire music collection would fall under the category "psychedelic" til I looked it up

to read this list is like the album collection from my old house.

 Procol Harum and Santana were bands they would cover at home and at the Italian Club..All these memories came back of being at the Italian club watching them play when I was little..usually waiting for Santa or the Easter bunny to arrive. It's amazing how we are influenced by the arts from childhood.

Sandy looked alot like my dad took, same smile, same nose, same eyes and hair...very different voice.

Im remembering him with a warm feeling because i just loved listening to him sing and play and he was ALWAYS so happy and laughing ..He enjoyed life, he LIVED... Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, people sitting and indoor

Here he is with his daughter probably late 1990s- he looks exactly like my dad in this picture..and his daughter could be my eldest son's face...amazing..what family passes down 

so glad you listened and enjoyed. the album is short but so well matched throughout still amazed and can hear the Beatles influence in everything they did on it.

Comment by ThatGirl on September 30, 2017 at 1:36pm

@Steve-- thanks Steve. it is the little things in  life which stay with us, and they are always about "people" and experiences... im so glad to be able to share the music in case other people might enjoy it too. Musicians make music for people to hear. it seems a good way to honor him too. 

Comment by ThatGirl on February 8, 2019 at 4:51pm  

THANKS to NatureJunkie - She got me each track from PaperGarden._ Sharing the folder of the album IF anyone wants a copy. Help yourself..


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