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Why I like going to Costco

There is nothing more sexy than married, middle aged mothers buying groceries for her family. Think about it. They are young, fertile, not afraid to commit, and you know she puts out. As I wander around, and around eating samples, my eyes often will fix on some overburden mother with baby in tow. The sweat pants she wears conforming to the curves of her womanly butt. Her hair pulled back in a practical pony tail you imagine pulling from behind. What does she buy? Is it trail mix for her healthy… Continue

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I like Vampires

I do

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The big paint brush

You ever notice that when the government wants to spend billions, on social programs, they take a one size fits all approach. Let's talk about health care for the poor. Most Americans have pretty good health insurance. A national health program would take away that good insurance for lousy government politic constructed insurance. The big paint brush. Why not ask why do these people not have insurance. Most are illegal aliens who get free health care from the emergency room. I work in a… Continue

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Why I'm better than all of you

At this time I deem it an indulgences to wisp away the cloud of ignorance you warmly coat yourselves with. I do not smugly devalue your contribution to society. The world needs ditch diggers too. I do not fault you for being intellectual bores. We all need to bear our elevator music. Your backs provide an ideal perch for drinking in the sweet wine of those who would be your master. I CAN'T THINK OF ANYTHING ELSE TO SAY.

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Why I want to be a girl

1) I can take tequila shots off my boobs

2) I like the feel of silk underwear

3) If I'm nice to boys, they will buy me stuff

4) I can go to a lesbian bar, and offer an all you can eat buffet. I'm such a slut

5) It is a well known fact that girls put on lingerie, have a pillow fights, and then shower together

6) Doing jumping jacks will always cheer me up

7) I can be a raving bitch once a month

8) I don't need to know how to dance. I can just sway my girlie… Continue

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Commie bastards

This stimulus package will devalue money. Let's say you have a cup of coffee, and it cost a dollar. When the stimulus package goes through there will be a flood of printed cash going into the economy. Dollars will not acutely represent the cost of goods, and services. That cup of coffee you have will now cost a dollar fifty. The coffee has not changed, the value of the dollar has decreased. This means that a rich guy with billions of dollars has lost half his wealth. Why is that a problem for… Continue

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I got my therapist flowers, because the pony ran away.

Alone once more for Valentines Day. Oh to have a choice in the matter. I would love to have some sexy thong to spend my cash on. What is this Holiday, but a reflection of past conquests compared to present day difficulties. But hey! What am I talking about? There is a whole spectra of possibilities. We have all done it. Why not now? I just got to compile a list of choices.

1) Hot. Is girl you would choose if you had a choice. Someone just out of reach.

2) Cool. A perfectly acceptable… Continue

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I feel good

I deleted my livevideo, and youtube accounts. I don't like clutter, and tend to leave my past behind me. I got started on Livevideo because of Bikini News. I had some hard times and had been isolating for a long while. I was comming out of a depression, and just started to interact with people again. I would watch the video blogs, and just started to think of comments. I would make comments on Bikini News, and got popular. I would comment on other blogs. Livevideo is not the same anymore. This… Continue

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