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This stimulus package will devalue money. Let's say you have a cup of coffee, and it cost a dollar. When the stimulus package goes through there will be a flood of printed cash going into the economy. Dollars will not acutely represent the cost of goods, and services. That cup of coffee you have will now cost a dollar fifty. The coffee has not changed, the value of the dollar has decreased. This means that a rich guy with billions of dollars has lost half his wealth. Why is that a problem for you, and me? If the rich guys money is worth less than when he got it, he will not spend it, like we desperately need him to do. He will hold it in government bonds until it's worth has increased. THIS IS WHY I SPEND ALL MY MONEY ON GUNS, AMMO AND ALCOHOL. WHEN THE BREAKDOWN OF SOCIETY COMES, I'LL BE READY TO SHOOT THE STARVING MASSES THAT WILL COME INTO THE SUBURBS LOOKING FOR FOOD, AND A WORKING TELEVISION. I'LL ROB, AND PILLAGE. WOMEN WILL THROW THEMSELVES AT MY FEET, BECAUSE I'M SO MANLY.

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