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When the student is ready, the master will appear

So I'm in the bar talking to some stuffed bra, puffed up hair, stiletto heeled, skin tight dress, black lipstick tramps called Katballou, and Xfashionfacist. That they have the names of some Ark people is completely coincidence. Some guy I don't know, in my proximity, starts acting like an asshole. Basically the drunk, loud kind of guy you find in bars. He is not directly interacting with us, but here is the catch, because I'm in the tramps disgust vector, I'm now considered an asshole. No… Continue

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OCD and other adventures

So. I go to my secrete bathroom to take my before lunch poop. I first flush to toilet even if it's clean. I take some paper towel, and wet it. Give the whole toilet seat a wash. I follow with some more paper towel to dry it. I take a toilet cover, and pop out the middle. Make sure it's distributed evenly around. Then it pull down some tissue, and throw it out. I start the facet running, but not to much because dripping is louder. This will come in handy to drown out the farting sounds. I can… Continue

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The love that never speaks it's name.

OK! I don't need to shop at Costco, but something about stalking middle aged, married women with kid's just feels so right. Yes I mean milf hunting. I was doing my fourth circuit of sample stands when I saw her. Forty, sweat pants, and a pony tale to round out the image. She was pushing a cart filled to the brim with a toddler on top. I could tell by the six pack of shaving cream their was a man involved. The gold band confirmed it. I veered off threw the power tool isle. Drills, power washer,… Continue

Added by Dreamcatcher on May 20, 2009 at 8:38pm — 3 Comments

I have absolutely nothing to say

I just want to make an appearance

Added by Dreamcatcher on May 9, 2009 at 12:05pm — 4 Comments

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