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So I'm in the bar talking to some stuffed bra, puffed up hair, stiletto heeled, skin tight dress, black lipstick tramps called Katballou, and Xfashionfacist. That they have the names of some Ark people is completely coincidence. Some guy I don't know, in my proximity, starts acting like an asshole. Basically the drunk, loud kind of guy you find in bars. He is not directly interacting with us, but here is the catch, because I'm in the tramps disgust vector, I'm now considered an asshole. No matter how well I was doing, I am now associated with the tramps memory of disgust. I huffed off to a Go Go bar, and got really drunk. At 2:00 am I started calling all my ex-girlfriends to cry into the phone to asked them
1) What are you doing
2) Are you alone
3) Why won't you tell me
4) Can I come over
5) Are you seeing someone
6) It does matter
7) Do you want me to kill myself
8) Is that what you want
9) Please give me a second chance
10) Can I come over
I pull together enough change in my pocket for one last lap dance. They stop calling you Hun, and listening to your shit when your out of money. The bouncers kick me out of the parking lot when I start vomiting. I challenge them all to a fight, but just end up dropping to my knees crying "I'm so alone". They send me home in cab. I wake up in the morning wondering who urinated in my pants.

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Comment by BlancheNoE on May 26, 2009 at 8:13pm
Do *I* call YOU at two in the morning on a week night ?,, I do not. That's why I urinated in your pants.


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