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Solving the WATER crisis in Nevada/Arizona/CA-UNLV Potable water engineering -my cousin's son

the Environmental Engineer...

Daniel  is my cousin's son. She is older than I, and took care of ME when i was little. She had Danny as a teen and I remember helping her with him as a baby when I was a teenager. He was sort of raised by a community effort, of extended family members and his father's side chipping in. 

On all my visits to AZ through the years, observing all the development, I always wondered HOW they could keep up with growing infrastructure and…


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Don't F with My Freedom

 (Mob Nephew Blog is Now up on a blogsite) - the other Cheaterific Files blogs are "friends Only" to keep a copy in case I screw up editing on the blogsite. -- 2 New missions have just come my way, so writing is on the backburner.

 "Dont F With My Freedom" will remain here  

It's kind of a theme. don't fvck with my children, don't fvck with my property, don't fvck with my freedom, don't fvck with my grades, don't fvck with my civil rights, don't fvck with my body and…


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Cheaterific Files - The Ninja

Freshman year of college , I was dating a guy for about a year and a half. By end of spring semester it ended abruptly  one breezy warm night.

I worked full-time and was in school full-time so we could only see each other mainly weekends. I was great with that because I didn't really WANT a boyfriend while in college. He was older and very protective.  I really was focused on school and work. Some days I had evening classes and one week night i got out a little early. To my…


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