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The man is keeping me down.

When I was twenty seven, I decided to became a fireman. Why? I wanted comrades, and not co-workers. I wanted a job with a little swagger. Something I could be proud of. The safety of government benefits was a great perk as well. Nobody looks down on firemen. I got a personal trainer, and got into terrific shape. I studied the civil service Manuel's. I visited places I wanted to live. I came up with wanted to be a smoke jumper. Very macho indeed. Then a girl broke up with me, and I fell into… Continue

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I'm sure some of you corporate, professional, sales people jerk offs will know what I"m talking about <3

I have taken the Landmark Forum. It's hard to explain what it is, but I'll tell you what I wanted from it. I am stuck in my life, and am looking for something that will help me move forward. Ambition, confidence, and self esteem would be good tools for me. At 8:30 in the morning I sit and listen to a 3 hour explanation of what the forum is, at the end of which people are asked… Continue

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Well Hedy hoe to your languid tart vomit. It is not alternative art when you get your prose from the walls of toilet stalls. Get up! The club is closing. Is it not enough that you chew our om age timeshare with red bull inspired poetry. How little you know child. Precipitous to future parking meter allegory, chew well your eraser.

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