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Goodbye Kodachrome


Thursday 12/30/2010, marked the last day you could get a roll of Kodachrome film

processed. The only store that was still processing Kodachrome was Dwayne's Photo

in Parsons, Kansas.

While this may mean nothing to those born in the digital age of photography, it is

a great loss to oldtimer professional photogaphers like yours truly. I only wish

I had shot more pictures on Kodachrome.

I've posted some links below that discuss the end of an…


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Greetings John F

Added by John Frenken on December 29, 2010 at 6:29pm — No Comments

The Human Family Tree

My classes viewed this National Geo special a few days before the holiday break and afterward, it was clear what an impact it had made.  The discussion was rife with great questions that will seed this next semester's journey. 


It really is eye-opening for those who aren't aware of what's being discovered via the genographic project.

What they're learning is that the merging of many cultures through bloodlines is not so much a "melting pot" but rather one big human…


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I Wish for You (for Pypermarru1)

This is my favorite time of year. I know, weird. Whatever. I love the music, the crowds, the lit up trees. I love looking for the perfect gift, sitting in front of the fire, baking sweet treats. I love surprising people with gifts who least expect them.  I love bells on my Christmas socks, my Santa hat, and my Mrs. Clause dress. (of course I have one) And I particularly love irritating the hell out of all the Scrooges at work.


Anyway, I thought it might be appropriate to…


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REAL paper dollars

I got a whole, real paper dollar for my fifth birthday. I was very excited. My dad was always generous with his change and I was quite fond of that too. You could buy a cherry or grape sucker for a nickel, or a piece of double bubble for a penny, or even a chocolate or two for somewhere in between.…

Added by Dana (scribblers sanctuary) on December 24, 2010 at 1:18am — 4 Comments

a eulogy of small consequence

I am in mourning of the truest sense. Oh, I won’t be wearing black or covering my face. I will not need drops to lessen the redness of tear drenched eyes, or staying home from work to hide from the world as I toil through my grief. 

No, I will carry on daily…

Added by Dana (scribblers sanctuary) on December 24, 2010 at 1:09am — 2 Comments

Diety on Vacation...Leave a Message (for Liz)

Someone asked me the other day if I was glad the holidays were over. No, in fact, I’m always a little sad when the holiday season ends. “But you are not a Christian” she said. Oh? By whose definition? How do you know I’m not a Christian? (The reason this came up at all is because she does not approve of my particular religious upbringing.) I got a bit snippy and asked if her preacher had bought the rights to Christianity lately because the… Continue

Added by Dana (scribblers sanctuary) on December 24, 2010 at 1:00am — 6 Comments

The Tao of Scribbler

Art is personal.

Happiness is a choice

Gratitude is essential

Authenticity is rare

Anything free comes at a great price

Respect is earned

A sense of humor can save you

Words are magic

Strength is mental

Joy is attainable

Work is…

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dirt roads and movie stars

Earlier this year I went to Des Moines, Clive to be exact, to teach a couple of classes. I had never been in that part of the country so I began asking clients about what to do, where to go, points of interest. The resounding…


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weeds in the toilet

There are times when I sit down at my computer, lay my hands on the keyboard, and thoughts form, words appear on the screen, ideas flow seemingly out of nowhere.…


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What is it?

There has been some discussion about art of late. What is it? What makes it good or bad? Valuable or worthless? For what it's worth, here are my thoughts on the subject...…


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the homecoming

In the late 60’s we lived in Memphis. My father was active duty navy and spent a lot of time on aircraft carriers. He looked quite handsome in his uniform and he was my hero. He was stationed at Memphis for instructor duty. We used to go to the base and I got to get in the flight simulator that they used to teach sailors how to… Continue

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Ya know I hate it when you have to narrow a list of great things to your top 3,

On friday i was sent a list of 85 prjects that I had to narrow down to 3 and im finding it hard because there are not only forensic based projects there are some astrophysics projects on the solar system aswell. Heres what I have narrowed it down to LOL yeah need a top 3 now.............


1. Forensic Applications of Mass…


Added by jinboy on December 19, 2010 at 12:30pm — 4 Comments

politicians, zombies and other treasures

(Sorry for the Re-run but I like this blog. :c )

My first day off in two weeks. I head for the bookstore. I love the bookstore. The one closest to me happens to be Books-a-Million. I can't decide if I like the name or not. What I do enjoy is wandering about hoping to find a treasure. I left with a bag; although I'm not sure any of my choices could be considered treasures. Unless you count the pen with the light up Skull on it. You hit it on the counter and multi-colored lights…


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The Search is On...Write On

When I was in third grade, Mrs. Powell, the most wonderful teacher in the world would tell her unhappy, scowling students, “You’d better straighten that face up. It’ll stick like that.” Almost always, all the other students would start making the face too, and soon the entire class, including the grumpy kid, would be laughing. Mrs. Powell always said, “Now THAT’S a face to get stuck with.”

There was a time when all I had to do to find some fabulous blog to read was turn on my machine…


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The Divinity Within

I like to make things. I love to play with my camera. I adore words. Here are a couple of my most recent collages. The first is a declaration. The second is a journey. Both, at least for me, were necessary. My brain seems most comfortable when it is occupied with creation of some kind. I wonder why that is. What drives one to build, create, imagine? There are those who engage in destruction and have taken even that to an art. I find that confusing as well. What compels some to scatter…


Added by Dana (scribblers sanctuary) on December 14, 2010 at 9:18pm — 2 Comments

The Glorious Blogosphere

I've been watching the blogs. Some I actually read. I have been looking for a new blog home for over a year, since my original blog, and to date, the only one that was even remotely satisfying, went belly up. It’s still there. I even went back. But the host site didn't tune into the burgeoning environment and something much less desirable for…


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Thank You

Thank You from BlancheNoE on Vimeo.

ARRRgh,...this proves that it is sometimes easiest to forget the most obvious. JiiiiM !!!

(AnneLidaFilms), thank you. I'll be adding to this blog, I'm sure. I was trying to wait until I felt, uh,

articulate ?,coherent?..which is why this took so long. I finally decided I couldn't wait for that or we'd all… Continue

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Beware of Low Flying Aircraft

In addition to standing behind the chair, I teach continuing education for my company. In fact, I just returned last night from Houston. We have a model we follow regarding the structure of the programs we teach. One of the things we DON'T do is introduce ourselves. No one cares who I am, how long I've been doing what I do, or anything else. It isn't about me. It's about them. They took time out of their busy schedules to do something to advance their careers. They care about what I came to… Continue

Added by Dana (scribblers sanctuary) on December 6, 2010 at 10:49pm — 9 Comments

Naps are Good...Don't Throw Your Food

We had a staff meeting a while back. The boss started out with a question and asked everyone to tell one thing they learned in kindergarten. Most said things like “play nice”, “share”, “follow the rules”, “raise your hand”. I said “Naps are good” and “don't throw your food”.

There was a bit of discontent where I work at the time, hence the kindergarten lesson. When you put a fairly large number of people in a relatively small space, there is bound to be an occasional bit of… Continue

Added by Dana (scribblers sanctuary) on December 6, 2010 at 10:30pm — 6 Comments

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