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Embry Riddle Finals Week Mass shooting ---Averted (4AM prep, apprehended 935AM)

(if'I've made a ton of mistakes in my typing, I don't know that it matters... spilling it out here as i process)

Press Conference

One ray of hope - FINALLY one of them is still alive and charged with Terrorism.

Not sure how to entitle this blog. So I get my son for one more day?

I'm still processing since i got the text and call at 230 while driving. kids who don't answer texts for hours to days is not cool while living in ZombieLand. 

I never fool myself and think for a second any of us are safe from mass gUn violence.

So, Today it was OUR Turn and only through what a headline called "the Grace of god" but I call LUCK... My son was not gunned down alongside his classmates and staff by a fellow student-- headed off to campus today with a backpack containing a collapsible rifle, 6 magazines and boxes of several hundred additional rounds.

As Usual he had made statements on social media and wrote about his mental state. Today 2 Students who saw his posts where he described his plans and told exactly how he was packing his backpack at 4:10AM, they reported the threat to ERAU Campus Police who reviewed the messages and contacted Daytona Police. Only by the luck that 2 students SAW his snapchat in the middle of the night, did the PD get a chance to stake OUT his apartment and apprehend him AS he was leaving to go to campus to commit mass murder at 9:35AM. 

kids were on their way to finals. This one sold his car to buy the arsenal he had and confessed directly to police. This is the first time we've stopped it before it happened AND the shooter is charged with Terrorism.- step in the right direction. My son's roommates are all in the flight school and one is an alumni instructor. This 19 year old was iN flight school - probably on his way to the room where his finals were taking place and we may have lost SO many souls including instructors and profs. this is the RARE story. 

When I used to talk to one of my best friends here, I'd be laughed at about how seriously i take guns because of what I've seen growing up and in the real world.  I don't have a twisted desire to shoot things or own one for any purpose when there are other ways to defend person and property. When you come from the real world where the sound of a gunshot means there's a person on the receiving end of that bullet, you're cut from a different cloth.  I also have 2 sons who have had their share of emotional disturbances while growing up in this completely Fvcked Up world. I KNOW that if a firearm is present and a person is unstable or even having a MOMENT of despair, it's almost a guarantee one of the first "ideas" they will have as a solution to their despair would involve that object which promises FINALITY. 

It's just a matter of time until it's your turn. 

This story will not surface widely because there isn't a pile of dead kids this time

 I used to be glad I left teaching, then glad when my kids finally got out of High School buildings, then I had to worry about college campuses , their stadiums and  mass gatherings ,  then prohibit them from attending Protests to avoid being mowed down by vehicles or brutalized by police.. then back to school sh00ters.

This school has an awful record of student suicides in the last few years. The most recent student suicide was last week and the one before was about 1 month AGO. A memorial in the grass this spring with flags for Every suicide looked like a 911 memorial. 

we are a species in Crisis and our youth are in the worst shape...yet, Crickets.

Do come to the mental health office for crisis support, though, but be sure not to TELL them you are SAD, because they Baker Act every student instead of getting them help in Florida. The Abuses of the Baker Act in Florida traumatize students from age 5 and up at a rate of over 100K for every 4 deemed to be legitimate by psych eval. Some of these children die in custody. There's now a citizens civil rights group fighting these abuses for years with no change except 1 recent decision against a school when the child died as a result of the false reporting and institutionalization.  We're fvcked at a society which doesn't value life...

EveryTown Research

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Thank you for keeping our sons from becoming another statistic today. #EmbryRiddle parents .

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Comment by ThatGirl on August 27, 2022 at 10:29am

FOLLOWUP to this Florida Volusia County - gun violence report. School starts monday, Kids have been moving in since last week. YESTERDAY the entire apartment complex where my son moved TO for this year was under lockdown with one building surrounded by swat and evacuated. There was one student who locked himself IN his apartment after holding his roommates hostage, and they escaped and called police, He was in a bathroom loading multiple guns and in possession of additional ammo. They police made NO further report and have no addressed the public on this incident. We are now told it was a suicide threat, not a mass murder if that makes much difference to the problem of gun violence. unlike the last incident this student is removed, the entire story went silent, and life has gone on after the lockdown with NONE of the residents of that complex being briefed on what occurred in that one apartment. I only KNOW what actually happened, because my son could not get into his parking lot after going out to collect supplies, He had to walk to try to get close, ran into an OLD roommate who just moved in to the building with the shooter and was living on the Same FLOOR. they were first evacuated and standing around the outskirts of the parking lots where the police were surrounding the building.. SO, kids on campus know through word of mouth, but the police are not telling the public what ACTUALLY happened.  just KNOW this is how it happens when no one gets murdered. You have NO idea how often this happens I CAN tell you there are legitimate threats of gun violence on schools regularly, even back in NJ from 2012-2016 I was witness to them in my own schools and the district as a whole. it's never on the news unless they make an arrest. Most times these kids get 5150'd and are hospitalized OR the guns that belong to their dads are just locked up, summons are given and they kid goes back to school  if they cannot prove a PLAN to commit murder. this is the new frontier. you wonder why our youth are all on mood meds and being prescribed into oblivion... when you start them on illicit drugs at 11-13, and medicate them with meth based drugs from 2nd grade because theyre happy and active... you then get an epidemic of schizophrenia we now see along with a laundry list of mental illnesses which cause lack of impulse control, depression, rage and anxiety... then add all the long covid zombies we are creating who dont even know theyve lost the cognitive ability to KNOW they've lost it. 

Welcome to the Apocalypse. We apologize it's not exactly the one you were expecting. 

Comment by Trimaddog on January 4, 2024 at 4:48pm

Wow! This was heavy reading. Guns are such a danger. A basic lack of regulation, and enforcement of the laws that do exist. Too many loop holes. Registration, licenses, insurance, education, all required to drive a car, and no-one complains about those requirements. Why not for guns?? So many things could be done to make this world a better place instead of the path to dystopia. Glad that the one you shared was diverted.

Comment by ThatGirl on February 25, 2024 at 6:59pm

@Trimaddog - YES it was lucky, then against 8  months later, if you SEE my comment above, it happened AGAIN but this time the student held his roommates hostage while threatening to off himself with a stockpile of ammo and firearms IN the room . these apartments are shared by 4 students and the 3 roommates had NO idea what this kid HAD in his room. again, the place was locked down, my sons apartment is down the HALL from this apt where this kid was about to off everyone and himself. Florida...has NO restrictions on anything and this is a regular occurence in Daytone, Broward county, Volusia county as a whole and the entire state tbh. you dont READ about these things because Florida's govt doesnt like these kind of truths out in the open.  

the campus counselors have gone loopy in response to these incidents so kids are ALSO afraid to go to the counselor and SAY theyre feeling anxious depressed or effected by the state of the world because theyre not just handcuffing and taking kids away by police car IF they have emotional reactions to this domestic terrorism.

I feel like my son will never be able to finish this with this much pressure on a kid whose already had so much and come back strong, but ends up in a place like this. NOW the university just made history putting their Eagle Camera on the south pole of the MOON with the MI1 lander 2 days ago , so its a place of progress in the middle of a region of regression.  ERAU


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