The Ark

Whatever floats your boat...

Vocal Performances

Take Me To The Pilot by Michael

House of The Rising Sun by BlancheNoE

Building A Mystery by NobodysChild99

Silver Bells by Suzecue72

Hi Again by OneSmallVoice

Superboy & The Invisible Girl by SydTheSkeptic

Danny's Song by Ferdz

House At Pooh Corner by Ferdz & Suzecue72

Broken by Suzecue72 & Ferdzines

Proud Mary by Christine (& friend)

Wild World by Ferdzines

Fade Out by SydTheSkeptic

Dog and Butterfly by Suzecue72

Somebody Bring Me Some Water by Suzecue72

Hallelujah by Lowprofile

Mind Guerrilla by SydTheSkeptic

What's Goin' On by Suzecue72

The Call by NobodysChild99

Desperado by Lowprofile

Give Me One Reason by Suzecue72

Unchained Melody by Lowprofile

So Quiet In Here by Lowprofile

The Letter by lowprofile

Brown-Eyed Girl by Lowprofile & Ferdz

Country Feedback by SpaceMonkey1310

John Hardy by lowprofile

O Holy Night by Gabrielized

Merry Christmas, Darling by Ferdz

16 Tons by OneSmallVoice

Tina Turner before She Got Good by Christine

The Shadowlands by Spacemonkey1310

The Great Divide by BlancheNoE

All Shook Up by Ferdz

Visions of Johanna by LowProfile

St. James Hospital and The Beach by LowProfile

Blondie Off 'er Head by Christine

You Belong to Me by Lowprofile

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