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Better Late Than Never

Vlogging My experience with Polycystic Liver Disease in the hope that others with the disease might be better prepared for the ups and (mostly) downs in dealing with it.

I don't pull punches. This is how it is.

Much love to my cherished friends, my true…


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It's Time to Vote Again !!!

Go vote for our friend, Diesel.

SERiously,...QUIT reading this blog and go VOTE !!

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Record Release Party !!!

My husband got a record deal so I think I'll write a book.


pendragon has been hard at work creating an amazing collection of World Music.

If you have i-tunes, search for John Hamann Slipway.

Slipway is available in MP3 on Amazon and will be available as a disc in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

It will be available at other various on line music stores as well.

You KNOW I'll keep you posted. You can hear pendragon on John Frenken's  videos right now…


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Please, Please, Please....

It only takes 3 minutes (5 if you watch the video) to sign up to Hayloft and vote for our friend, Diesel Bodine's videos,

" I was Born 4000 years ago " , AND

"Red River Valley, AND

"Have I Told You Lately...."

YES ! You can and should vote for all three,...EACH day.

You can vote once each and every day until Sept. 30th. Please vote each day for all 3 !!!.


He REALLY deserves to win. He and his videos are awesome.


Pretty please…


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Learning to Live With It

<p><a href="">PCLD Files - 05/05/2011</a> from <a href="">BlancheNoE</a> on <a… Continue

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The Stuff Dreams are Made of ?

My Husband found this for me. Apparently he doesn't think I'm screaming out in my sleep enough.




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Made in the USA

Louisville Sluggers,

Jelly Bellys

and the armaments that killed somebody's loved ones in Bahrain today.

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Happy New Year !

<p><a href="">Year of the Rabbit</a> from <a href="">Frater</a> on <a… Continue

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I go in tomorrow for some surgery so I can start eating again and maybe even sleep comfortably for a while. The doctors aren't sure yet whether it will be in-patient or out-patient due to the scale of the operation but we *do* know that I will have tubes hanging out of me for at least a week. They are going to try to drain and seal the 3 most offending groupings of cysts. Consider that I have literally thousands of cysts inside and out of a liver that fills my entire body cavity. The surgeon…


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Limited Resources

I came across an article in the Google Health section today on Steve Jobs taking a medical leave of absence. He's had his new liver for about what ?,...8 months now ? I wasn't aware that his liver transplant was related to pancreatic cancer. It is my understanding gained through experience with the transplant evaluation process that previous or current cancer greatly reduces your chance for transplant, the  logic being that we want livers to go to those who have the best chance of thriving…


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Thank You

Thank You from BlancheNoE on Vimeo.

ARRRgh,...this proves that it is sometimes easiest to forget the most obvious. JiiiiM !!!

(AnneLidaFilms), thank you. I'll be adding to this blog, I'm sure. I was trying to wait until I felt, uh,

articulate ?,coherent?..which is why this took so long. I finally decided I couldn't wait for that or we'd all… Continue

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That's All Folks

They aren't going to help me.

I so appreciate everyone's concerns and prayers.

We now have no choice but to move to Germany where at least I won't have to work.

Thanks again for everything. I'm going to be out for a while.

Much love,


P.S. I'm sorry I got everyone's hopes up. Dr. Lisker-mehlmann assured me I was on the list.

He was… Continue

Added by BlancheNoE on November 10, 2010 at 1:00pm — 30 Comments

Braggart's Blog

WARNING : Blatant, unapologetic bragging contained herein !

Inspired by S.A.Murray

S.A. Murray left a comment on my "Brush With Dizzy" blog asking if I had a photo of myself with Dizzy Gillespie from our meeting many moons ago and sadly, I don't have one. Cameras were not aloud in the auditorium where he was performing. This made me think of many other lost photo ops throughout my long strange trip of life so far, and a couple that were not lost.

,...and now for some… Continue

Added by BlancheNoE on October 31, 2010 at 11:00pm — 17 Comments

My Brush With Dizzy

In the year 1983 when I was 18 years old, I was fortunate to get to see Dizzy Gillespie play in a small auditorium on the campus of South East Missouri University. He played from the soul brilliantly, as he always did, and the back up musicians were phenomenal as well. I loved the way he seemed to go out of his way to feature the other musicians and I will never forget the way the audience members were singing along, not with their voices but with slight undulations of their bodies and blissful… Continue

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Another Dear Friend Missed 'Round These Parts

This was just what I needed this morning. It goes great with coffee *snicker*,...oKAY, cover your keyboard with a waterproof tarp first * devil on left shoulder pouts while angel on right looks all haughty *.

If the embed doesn't work, copy this into your browser or click link :…


Added by BlancheNoE on October 20, 2010 at 6:30am — 5 Comments

HELP !,..I need somebody, HELP,..not just anybody,...

My husband wants to buy me a new digital video camera and I really need one. My old analog Sony is finally, after 15 years, sputtering out. I always hate to retire old equipment because the saying,

" They don't make 'em like they used to. ", is so very true.

I need something that is very Mac friendly. I don't want to have to buy more software or hardware to use it. I want to be able to plug it in and import directly into imovie without having to convert and de-interlace before… Continue

Added by BlancheNoE on October 3, 2010 at 12:19pm — 18 Comments

Archives - This is Not a Blog

Occasionally someone asks me about one of my old videos so I'm going to post the links here in batches. They are sitting at Live Video but I have them set to private there because I got tired of having to log in 3 times a day to rid the comment sections of porn-spam,..and yeah,I could set them to no comments allowed but that just rubs my scales the wrong way.…


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I am SO SICK and TIRED of the CONSTANT POLITICAL bickering on this site !!! For CRIMeny,...BLACK is white, UP is down,...CATS and DOGS LIVING together,....MASS hysteria !!!. Can't we agree to disagree ???…


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Cute Wet Rat

A pitifully soggy Bouncer checks in after the storm.

Photos by pendragon…

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire

Unlimited Free Image and File Hosting at MediaFire Continue

Added by BlancheNoE on June 15, 2010 at 11:18pm — 8 Comments

I'm Pregnant

,...with a thirty pound liver baby.

Unfortunately, our road trip this year was not for fun. John and I spent a week at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN last month in the hopes that I might get liver re-section surgery so that I could re-gain some semblance of quality of life but due to the plurality and distribution of my cysts, I am not a candidate for the surgery.
Polycystic liver disease is a hereditary disease caused by mutated genes. Cysts form and then the…

Added by BlancheNoE on May 16, 2010 at 8:29pm — 19 Comments

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