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Star Trek the movie was released on DVD on Tuesday, November 17th.

This movie is a prime example of what can happen when people come together

in love and commonalities to create something of value, for all.

After watching the movie again, I realized why I had such an intense emotional

response when I saw it in the theater. Star Trek, the original series, represented

what we all wanted America to be. A melting pot of humans at their best and brightest.

A community… Continue

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Chig is a man of the people, including furry people. He's also cute,smart and he looks out for the little guy ! VOTE FOR CHIG !

We are back on line. We won't be able to make movies for a while but we are so very happy to have access to the interwebs in our own home. No more going to the library and waiting for our 1 hour of access.

It is amazing how big a part of our lives internet access has become. I can't count the times in the last 3 weeks that my husband and I were talking and… Continue

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This was supposed to go up for Halloween but all the computers at the library were in use.
Happy belated Halloween from Bouncer and PCs suck.
Darth Bouncer

Thanks LtAdams, you rock.

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