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  • The Lotus Sutra

    The Lotus Sutra

    Geoff Sep 9, 2010 38 views

  • Wink


    My first slideshow. I could have handled the text a little better at the beginning: I understand th… Geoff Sep 7, 2010 54 views

  • first draft

    first draft

    I'm making a video based on a 700 year old Spanish short story. I still have to do the narration an… Geoff Sep 5, 2010 49 views

  • At the video place

    At the video place

    This is pretty early--March, 2008. I bought my camera in late February. I had an ulterior motive fo… Geoff Sep 3, 2010 44 views

  • Fame and Love

    Fame and Love

    Looking back I wish this was a little tighter, and that I'd spelled Terrence Malick's name correctl… Geoff Aug 29, 2010 43 views

  • 30 Years of Scribbles

    30 Years of Scribbles

    Just what the title says... The music is "March from Oscar and Malvina" by The Chieftains. Geoff Aug 29, 2010 42 views

  • Warning


    This was supposed to be a collaboration. My partner and I were going to work separately, and then t… Geoff Aug 26, 2010 56 views

  • The Finest Story in the World

    The Finest Story in the World

    I'm gonna keep to two uploads a day if that is okay with everybody. I wanna introduce myself to the… Geoff Aug 26, 2010 26 views

  • Align Yourself

    Align Yourself

    What takes time is collecting the pieces. Then I assemble what I've got and somewhere around two th… Geoff Aug 26, 2010 33 views

  • Special Effects

    Special Effects

    Thoughts about some effective movie scenes. Obviously I made this a few months ago for another webs… Geoff Aug 25, 2010 118 views

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