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  • 27 Jennifers

    27 Jennifers

    27 Jennifers is a song by Mike Doughty. I think I went a couple steps too far in this video, but so… Geoff Apr 14, 2014 43 views

  • A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

    A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

    The music at the beginning and the end was the them from "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead." Writ… Geoff Mar 26, 2014 33 views

  • It Must Be Love

    It Must Be Love

    The smoking hot smoker is Dita Von Teese. Yes, I'm positive that's her real name. The black and whi… Geoff Nov 12, 2013 68 views

  • tldw PART ONE

    tldw PART ONE

    Rambling vlog complete with esoteric references to VloggerHeads, odd buildings and statues of bad-t… Geoff Aug 8, 2013 64 views

  • Mosaic


    Geoff Jun 25, 2013 41 views

  • Nobody but You

    Nobody but You

    This is from "Songs for Drella". Drella was a contraction of Dracula and Cinderella, one of the nic… Geoff Jun 10, 2013 49 views

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