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  • The Ideal Woman

    The Ideal Woman

    Geoff Mar 26, 2012 58 views

  • Can't Let Go

    Can't Let Go

    This is some footage I'm developing for a *real* video. The real song I'll accompany is actually qu… Geoff Mar 18, 2012 22 views

  • 5x5...just kidding

    5x5...just kidding

    I was working with moires--the shimmer effect you get when you overlay two or more regular patterns… Geoff Jan 9, 2012 43 views

  • Unfold


    I got these effects using FCE's green screen feature. I painted different parts of the ornate 'f' i… Geoff Jan 4, 2012 51 views

  • Last Beach Day of 2011

    Last Beach Day of 2011

    It was 80 degrees on October 9 in Ipswich, Massachusetts. Nice old place; supposedly more 17th cen… Geoff Dec 1, 2011 24 views

  • Ultimate Celebrity

    Ultimate Celebrity

    22 minutes, but at least it's not just me yakking. Enter at your own risk. Geoff Nov 29, 2011 12 views

  • Goodbye


    I made this to salute a friend. (I'm not going anywhere.) "Casablanca" "The Kid Brother" Geoff Nov 21, 2011 31 views

  • Ernie Kovacs!

    Ernie Kovacs!

    three or four minutes of me babbling and then some comic genius: "I can crack walnuts with my cuti… Geoff Nov 21, 2011 12 views

  • "Sweet Smell of Success"

    "Sweet Smell of Success"

    In addition to clips from the SSoS, I included a little scene from Buster Keaton's "The General". Geoff Jul 28, 2011 22 views

  • Suspension Bridge

    Suspension Bridge

    Footage from Eric Steel's amazing documentary "The Bridge". Geoff Jul 16, 2011 30 views

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