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People work at Walmart because they choose too. I don't want the cost to got up, and I'm tired of unions having to much power. When a union has power over their company, that is an issue for the company to deal with. If a union has power over the political process then I feel my rights are being infringed. Money controls politicians, not the good of the masses.

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Comment by Ken (aka rivrvlogr) on May 22, 2009 at 9:40pm
@NBC, a, & suze - Not everyone rides on the back of the employer by way of the union. I've known (and represented) people who fit your image of a union member, but they're the minority - and they're becoming fewer as they realize how precarious their jobs are with today's economy. I've seen people get suspended or lose their jobs for stealing time - and that's exactly what it is. I've also known people who would have lost their jobs because the boss didn't like their appearance, if not for the union. And, I've seen people in the same business who were non-union lose their jobs simply because the employer wanted new-hires at a lower rate of pay - and this during boom times. The role of the union in protecting workers' rights is well established, and it does not include driving the employer out of business.

@ Dreamcatcher - You don't want the prices at WAlMart to go up, so keep the unions out. If teleportation were possible, it sounds like you would cut out the middleman and beam over to China to do all your shopping. Perhaps everyone else could beam over to India, or wherever your job ends up being outsourced to, when the time comes to purchase the product or service your job entails.


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