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How to embed a video in a blog

For BlancheNoeE, because I love you, Blanche.

1. Go to the video you want to embed. If it's at Vimeo, then look in the upper right portion of the frame. For the most non-intuitive icon ever selected to represent share, Vimeo picked a paper airplane icon. Click on the paper plane icon.

2. You'll be given three options for sharing, via URL, email, or an embed code. Click in the embed field. This selects the embed code. Then copy…


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Saved by Ghouls

I just happened to have encountered a lot of mentions lately about how people in the 18th and 19th centuries were fearful of the very real possibility of being buried alive.

Then, while researching something else entirely, I came across this plate o' shrimp today.…


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Pre-emptive strike. We can live in peace with them after all.

I've used this trick for ants. Turns out it works for squirrels,…


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She wouldn't have a Willy or a Sam.

Why do those pernicious earworm songs pop into your head unbidden? Usually just catching a melodic drift from a café or someone else’s radio will lodge the worm in me for the rest of the day, but sometimes, like today, one will pop into my consciousness for no apparent reason at all.

This morning on the shuttle to work, it was a looping repeat of Henry the…


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History Snoop Tangent

In a couple of videos I posted in November, I was investigating the history of an odd coin I found among the possessions of a great uncle. In October I inherited four boxes of photographs and documents that had belonged to a second cousin I never met. Gary and I shared a set of great-grandparents and when I inherited his things, I was hoping to uncover a lot of information about the ancestors he and I shared.

But probably eighty percent of the material pertained to Gary's…


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Stop the Ark Takeover!

Okay, Arkians, big wake up call.

Syd, out of the kindness of her heart and the depth of her pocket, forks out a few bucks a month so that the rest of us can play here and have fun. And yet no one's playing these days except...

Doris Anne Beaulieu.

That's right. Doris. Doris who will never read this blog, and so therefore I don't have to worry about hurting her feelings. Because she only dumps her content here from YouTube as she…


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What I saw from my office window today

It's been a long time since grade school, when our principal would haul the school's only television set into the cafeteria and call an assembly so that we could watch the Apollo astronauts. Nothing since then regarding the space program has elicited the same level of excitement, thrill even, I used to feel at being a witness to history.

But I felt a little tiny bit of it again today when the Space Shuttle Endeavor buzzed the Bay Area at 500…


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Guest starring Marie

It's a beautiful autumn Sunday morning here in California and I slept late this morning. Just before waking up I had a dream in which Marie made a guest appearance.

I was sitting around a table in a kitchen with my adult family and hers and we were watching a parade on a flat screen TV. But at the same time, the parade was happening live right outside the house and all the children in the neighborhood, including my little brother (who in real life died 4 years ago at the age…


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For Mauritz, who is now 15

With media anticipation about the approaching tenth-year anniversary of 911 that began weeks ago, I had resolved in advance not to spend this day wallowing in relived pain of my memories of that day, but I’m now finding it impossible not to.


In the intervening decade I have not read any of the hundreds of books written about it or watched any of the documentary or Hollywood movies made about it, because even after ten years I still don’t have enough emotional distance from the…


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The Foster Chronicles: Old Dog, New Dog

I did not need to hear their side of the story. I couldn’t even imagine that there were circumstances that would let my own conscience get away with such a thing. In my mind, there was no possible justification for what these people were doing.


Before I left on my hundred-mile journey to pick up Mister, my latest foster dog, I was asked by the rescue organization if I would mind transporting a dog on my way. Terry was a 15-year-old dog who was being surrendered by a couple in…


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Arkian Dreams, with guest stars

Just before I rolled out of bed this morning, I had a dream that Lima and Brad Pitt (Spacemonkey?) showed up at my house unannounced for dinner. And wouldn't you know it, my house was a mess and I was completely unprepared. But they brought a house gift with them... puppies!


Brad, who had long golden locks, Chig-style, was holding a black-and-white pit bull puppy. The puppy's skin was decorated with black numerals that Brad…


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30-Something Challenge within a Challenge

Hey folks, it occurs to me that we all come from or near cities with a lot of history: Quebec, Albuquerque, St. Louis, Topanga, Manchester. Ever thought about what a favorite spot of yours looked like a hundred years ago? I'd love to see some then-and-now vids of your own places, for anyone so inclined.

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CD cover tag: Pypermarru1

In response to Spacemonkey's blog (, here is the CD cover for my fictitious band, Heligoland. I tag Pyper.



And what the hell, I tag you in the name of BlancheNoE. Five dollars, little…

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Let's Put Blanche in the Hospital

If you’re acquainted with BlancheNoE but you were unaware of her fight to regain her health, please see her vlog, PCLD Files-1.

Okay, here’s how the Put Blanche in the Hospital Fundraiser works. Instead of pledging a contribution for every mile that a friend walks in a walkathon, you’ll instead be pledging a contribution if your friend rises to your tag challenge.

If you issue a tag to someone who meets… Continue

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More Moptops, 1964

“There’s gonna be a Beatle show on Saturday morning. Everybody come!”

“Where? Where’s it gonna be?”

“In the Horton’s garage.”

I don’t know how long it was after the Beatles’ first Ed Sullivan appearance that the Beatle shows started happening in my neighborhood, but they lasted for the duration of 1964. The location was always revolving, like an after-hours rave. It might be in the Horton’s garage one Saturday, in the Willis’s backyard the following week.

A… Continue

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Graduation Day

Today is the day that the campus I work at will be billowing with caps and gowns. I feel a compulsion to greet every student wearing a gown with heartfelt congratulations, even though most of them are self-absorbed on

this day and don't even make eye contact. Their parents follow them around

toting floral arrangements that probably cost what I spend on groceries in a

month. I love this day, because I love my job as an academic advisor and seeing



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Update on Gemma

As an update to the blog and video I posted on March 3 ("You Can't Put a Good Dog Down"), I want to share some good news about Gemma, the German shepherd I’ve been working to find a home for.

A dog trainer in Marin County (just north of San Francisco) saw the video of Gemma and has volunteered to provide her with a foster home until she finds a permanent home. The trainer has several acres of property and…


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You Can't Put A Good Dog Down

I cursed the man in the parking lot from behind my steering wheel, the one who opened his car door, emptied his trash onto the ground, and then kicked it under his car to hide what he’d done. It’s difficult for me not to extend my contempt to the whole of our species when I see a single one of us taking a shit on the world.

I’m in a foul mood a lot these days. Most of my spare time is split between two volunteer activities: monitoring a Cooper’s hawk nest for a research project, and… Continue

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The Collie of Dardanelle

“There will be some days when you leave this place in tears,” said John, the trainer at my dog-walking orientation when I decided at the beginning of this year to volunteer at my local animal shelter. “You will show up one day and a dog that you’ve taken a liking to will be gone. It can’t be helped. But there will be many more days when you show up and the dogs you walk will treat you as though you are the best thing that ever happened to them.” I decided that was a very worthwhile… Continue

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"Turn it up! I LOVE this song!"

A friend asked me yesterday for a list of my favorite artists and songs, which sent me to my excessive CD collection with notebook in hand. After I filled two pages of tiny notes and was about to start a third, I realized how MUCH info it was, and it got me wondering if it wouldn’t be impossible to edit it down to what my very favorite of all these songs were. I’ve never tried to force this issue before. Never needed to.

I didn't know how to begin narrowing that down. What're… Continue

Added by NatureJunkie on November 10, 2009 at 6:30pm — 12 Comments

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