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If you’re acquainted with BlancheNoE but you were unaware of her fight to regain her health, please see her vlog, PCLD Files-1.

Okay, here’s how the Put Blanche in the Hospital Fundraiser works. Instead of pledging a contribution for every mile that a friend walks in a walkathon, you’ll instead be pledging a contribution if your friend rises to your tag challenge.

If you issue a tag to someone who meets it, then you simply deposit the amount you pledged into the PayPal account that has been set up for this fundraiser, which can be done with a few clicks by visiting The account is If you don’t have a PayPal account yourself, you can still contribute to this account using a credit card. SydtheSkeptic is overseeing the funds that flow into the account to assure that the funds go to no one but Amy, and if you don’t find the answers to any questions you have after visiting the PayPal site, then PM Syd. BlancheNoE herself did not initiate this fundraiser, but she has given her blessing to our efforts to help her.

For video newbies who may be new to “tagging”: If you tag someone, make a video in which you state what you are challenging (i.e., daring) your friend to do, and state how much you’re pledging if they come through and meet your dare. You can pledge as little or as much as you want. Even a dollar will be appreciated. To make sure that your friend knows they’ve been tagged, send them a “You’ve been tagged” email to let them know. There is no limit to how many people you can tag, and you can tag more than one person at once.

If someone tags you, you’re under no obligation to contribute any money to the fundraiser yourself, although you’ll be helping to raise money just by accepting the tag. If you can’t or don’t wish to accept the tag, please let your tagger know either through a comment or a PM so that he or she can tag someone else. If you want to help out but simply can’t do it in a financial way, please know that even commenting on the tag videos of others adds to the fun and is in itself a contribution.

If you don’t want to participate in the video-making aspect of this fundraiser but you would still like to help out Amy, you are very welcome to make a contribution without tagging or being tagged. (See paragraph 2 above.)

Our number one purpose is to raise some funds to help alleviate the incredible financial stress that Amy’s illness has created for her. But there is no way this could be for Amy if our purpose isn’t also to HAVE FUN. This community can accomplish two things here: we can raise funds for someone in extreme need, and we can lift the spirits of a friend who has in the past given so much laughter and humor to the rest of us.

On a personal note: I regularly give money to charitable organizations and it’s an act of blind faith that they will use my money to accomplish good things. I never get to meet anyone that I hope I’ve helped, and I never get to find out exactly what my money was used for. In this case, I know for a fact that anything I contribute is going to be used to pay for food, rent, and medical bills of someone I’ve come to know and care about in this virtual community. My sister's (Peacenik) original idea for this fundraiser was simply the midwestern concept of "taking up a collection," which people in her town do all the time for anyone who is in need. It's a tight-knit community and that barn-raising mentality is one of the things I love about the midwest. One thing my social networking experiences have taught me is to think of "community" in a new way. There aren't very many small towns anymore where everyone knows everybody else and neighbors can talk to each other in their driveways. But many of us touch each other’s lives now through these virtual communities, and I can't think of a single reason why we shouldn't bring the best aspects of our real lives to them. Reaching out a hand when you’re in a position to give help—that’s as real and as good as community gets.

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