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  • Dog


    Just test fitting a new harness. I think it was a good day from down there. Tags: dog Chig Jan 1, 2014 104 views

  • 5 x 5 dump

    5 x 5 dump

    Gotta go to work. This is just odd. Tags: 5x5 Chig Mar 3, 2013 166 views

  • unfinished reply to NJ about ......

    unfinished reply to NJ about ......

    Just a really pathetic start to a video which should not have been made. I did not remember this an… Tags: WTF, chig Chig Nov 23, 2011 164 views

  • Kirb


    Just a look back at a good friend, and a place to remember. I may re-edit this. Tags: joy, child Chig Jul 26, 2011 77 views

  • An old guys past time

    An old guys past time

    Just add water and it's a party. Actually, the vid card in my WIndows machine is on it's last legs.… Tags: Party Chig Jun 17, 2011 64 views

  • 30 seconds of LtAdams2247

    30 seconds of LtAdams2247

    An animation test for an upcoming project and a special shout out to the master behind the Adams Tr… Tags: Balls Chig Jun 15, 2011 94 views

  • Orange Sky Reprise.

    Orange Sky Reprise.

    First off Kirb is still with us, and active. His Lymphs are not swollen at the moment. I have no cl… Tags: friend, human Chig May 18, 2011 100 views

  • Anesthesia


    I had to get the video segments off a composite connection to an old Cassette camera.... And I had… Chig Feb 19, 2011 64 views

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