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  • Divide By Zero

    Divide By Zero

    Episode 11 If you're new to this I urge you to check this out first:… LtAdams2247 Apr 18, 2014 255 views

  • Musings


    For Euterpe and her sisters. If the muses won’t visit you, write about them. They’ll suddenly be on… Tags: original-music, muses BlancheNoE Jul 11, 2014 261 views

  • The Vault 2 - Lithium Trailer

    The Vault 2 - Lithium Trailer

    I'm done writing it and am laying the groundworks such as building the spaces. I thought I'd celebr… LtAdams2247 Nov 2, 2013 207 views

  • It Must Be Love

    It Must Be Love

    The smoking hot smoker is Dita Von Teese. Yes, I'm positive that's her real name. The black and whi… Geoff Nov 12, 2013 60 views

  • Angel


    Conceived during an allergic reaction to morphine, 2 days out of ICU, this expose' finally answers… Tags: darkness, jj-abrams BlancheNoE Feb 23, 2013 435 views

  • Back to Life

    Back to Life

    A metaphor for why teachers need the summer break (even though we still work, lol) SydTheSkeptic Jul 5, 2013 94 views

  • We Were One

    We Were One

    Epsiode 9 9 as in there's 8 episodes before that. So if you're new to this I urge you to check thi… LtAdams2247 Mar 12, 2013 210 views

  • How


    Put this in your browser to hear more :… Tags: return, blanchenoe BlancheNoE Aug 23, 2012 364 views

  • Dreams in Blond

    Dreams in Blond

    Johanna is studying fashion design and needed help with a presentation for her english class. Given… LtAdams2247 Apr 17, 2012 152 views



    Action! Suspense! Passion! That's what this film needs ;) Find out why you can't always believe yo… Tags: russian, magic Ray Remillard Apr 28, 2012 59 views

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