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Comment by Chig on July 9, 2017 at 9:57pm

Is this a tag?   It feels like a tag.    LOL.   You two are funny.  Do we win something like a wig made from BlanchNoE hair?  A year supply of TP from Master of the Controls Toilet paper stash?    What are you up to Pyper?    When I get a free day I will try to answer the questions.

Comment by BlancheNoE on July 11, 2017 at 9:40pm

This was a joy to see. NJ and PypermarrUUUU rock.

I am totally gonna' respond to this by mid-August(busy next 2 weeks) but for now I'll answer one: Who would I be for a day?

Elon Musk and I would wire 10 million dollars to BlancheNoE's bank account before midnight. It would be a trip to know what his normal background brain-chatter was like and I'd be filthy rich when I got back to me and could buy a senator.

Comment by SydTheSkeptic on July 12, 2017 at 6:33pm

How fun! Clearly the booze was off to the side somewhere.

Arkian compliment: PyperMarru makes yummy cookies

I LOVE black licorice so I'd choose that one and I'd have MOTC do it cuz of the face I imagine he'd make while chewing-- that at least has some entertainment value.

In prison, I'd have someone smuggle in an unlimited gift card to the prison commissary so I could eat Kit Kat's everyday and trade packs of cigarettes for back massages.

One thing I wish everyone understood is that bringing Twinkies back from the dead was a mistake. 

Person I'd most want to be is Jane Goodall (just for a little while) because after all those years among her primate friends in the wild,I imagine she holds some kind of secret knowledge about the universe.

Comment by NatureJunkie on July 13, 2017 at 7:41pm

Chig: No, this is NOT a tag. It's a... let's see... it's a conversation. Yeah, a conversation, that's the ticket.

Blanche: DOH! I wish I'd thought to be Elon Musk--that's perfect! When Flop heard my answer to this, she said "If you were Bacall at 19, you'd be doing Bogie." Ick. I changed my mind.

Syd: Those are fabulous answers, especially the one about Jane Goodall. Now I wish I was Syd.

Comment by ThatGirl on July 14, 2017 at 7:46pm

PYPERRRR!!!  -- can you hear me now?

these are not answers nor mocking. sorry Pyper, I'm a rulebreaker by nature.

1. chig DOES have pretty hair  and Blanche has always had the longest locks of any arkian..even through her Hepatic crisis...the hair is strong with this one!

2.Im glad you picked just gave me a visual I can't unsee however,..Adams Bald???

3. NJ In prison!!..don't worry I could be the Piper to your Alex or vice versa..but none of us have a cavity big enough for your Uzi.. well, i cant speak for Adams...i've heard stories.

4. fuck Becky

5. Lauren was an iconic beauty...striking alluring, strong sensual...yea, I got a thing too...totally understand>.??? um...uh..i got a pot on teh stove, I mean, a kid calling me, i mean the phone ringing..oh, My connection dropped again...really, I live in buttfuck Vagina now, where the connection is brief but strong..uploading would be impossible beyond a miracle..and ive become upload shy and a pussy... god i love the sound of pypers voice...and NJ together...thats always a winning combo and makes me smile again...thanks for the much needed...

Comment by MOTC on August 2, 2017 at 1:33am

It's always Becky.

@Chig  This is most definately a tag. Glad I didn't hear my name. :)

@Syd  You're forcing me to chose animal cruelty, aren't you?

Comment by NatureJunkie on September 2, 2017 at 6:43pm

That Girl: Hey, we all seem to be camera-shy these days, eh?

MOTC: always the best for last.


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