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Haiiii!!!!!!!! arkieeessssss

I was thinking about what my name meant not my ark name my real name (which is faheem) its an arabic name that was given to me by my uncle who is a scholar in islam of sorts he runs a mosque and is working on a project in kashmir were he has successfully built and is running a hospital that gives free medicne and aid to injured people and now another project for building a school to educate orphans is in the worls with the building almost finished.

So in my opinion I keep it in high regard that he gave me my name LOL *vanity is a trate im knew to* :P:P:P:P heheeee

So I searched my name in various sites and there are two mweaning that crop up the first and most common is inteligence on this meaning im kinda fond of seeing as im the first guy to get into university from my family (yep my cousin sister is the offical first person in our bloodline to get in) i always say women are cleverer then we men, so i guess he was s[ppot on with that LOL

the second meaning being discerning whichmaybe a little less because that means having good judgement :S

for someone who wants corporal punishment back in force in the uk, the castration of all rapists, and the excution of murderers i dont think im very discerning.

So yeah atleast im half way good huh?????

my last name Riasat is my dads name and it means a lot of things like land wealth etc which in a way describes my dad to tee because hes worked his ass off all his life and is now enjoying beautiful retirement witha helluva lot of cash LOL which is great for him.

lets hope its as good as me lol

good day arkiees and have fun where ever ya are

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Comment by flophousepoodle on March 21, 2009 at 12:22am
Good names Donde Faheem, good people before you.


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