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since june to well the present i have beeen texting random ramblings to my friends that have had generally favourable replies which is nice, its a part of me that i began on the internet and for along time kept solely on the internet, i did not feel the need to spread those words over into reality however i felt in order to express myself more i needed to share something i like doing and in random moments i simply start writing. I thought i'd post a few onto here for the fun of it really and to keep a log of it not only on my phone but on the net aswell.

I did not realise i would take so much time to write out a text from a phone onto the comp :P:P:P

The daylight so bright a whole new life living under the sunlight taking pleasure in the earthly delights loving every moment under the bright lights never looking forward to the dark night
Then there’s the nightlife new creatures driven out by the moonlight flocking towards the city lights partying living the high life never looking forward to the daylight
Two opposites yet so much fun LOL

The rain
I am the one who cleans up your mess I never show my face for I have no expression give the sky its grace pulling over its every face giving it new colours and style to show off everyday I am the rain I clean away your mess and make the earth all beautiful again but I say beware for I have the power to take, those who make my home a mess so purify your lands or I will return but with the power of the wind as my ally to be done with your filth

A smile

The most precious thing in this world are not the seven wonders of this world for the are made by man and have their flaws, it is not a a diamond for it may glisten in the sunlight and maybe rare it is not as precious as what I am going to say, it is not the perfect storm for no such thing has come because if were to happen we would not be here to talk of it, the most precious thing in this world is a smile but not just any smile there a dime a dozen this smile comes from a baby for everytime you se your gonna be saying awwwwwwwwww :P:P

Ever wonder that we are all like flowers, flowers begin in the ground as seeds they need to nurtured as they grow they develop their identity their emotions shown in their colours, the vibrant colours of pink reds and whites open in the sunshine spreading their aroma and close when its cold losing their scent but keeping them warm however when the lights are gone for too long they lose their colour becoming brittle wilting away and DIE the circle of life its everywhere

Dreams 1
Dream you never know what the ever mean but I have this one dream that I not only see in my sleep but when ever I think about it my mind gets clouded by it I see the flames a thought unimaginable but like a plague it will spread the fire that has a thirst which cannot be stopped by all the water in the world even with all the tears of the beings on the earth with out remorse nor prejudice just the hunger to grow, but what’s so ironic what no one saw coming is that the great fires of the earth were cause by us.

Dreams 2
Dreams a brilliant creation of the mind putting together a barrage of all you see in a lifetime a melding it into one night of pleasure you can fly into the sky and touch the stars look at all the wonders of the universe a see life being born all in a dream to imagine perfection and you see it when you wake up all around you a dream turned into a reality and if you look close enough you’ll see it oh so bright that little spark of life that binds us all as one.

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Comment by BlancheNoE on October 22, 2009 at 9:03pm
I really like these jinboy, especially the the threatening rain. I'm going outside now to pick up that stupid plastic bag that flew by ( sideways smiley here ).
Comment by JustAnotherUserName on October 27, 2009 at 9:18am
I think you should film yourself reading them...
Comment by jinboy on October 29, 2009 at 6:38pm
hahaaaaa I did that once on LV was hilarous hearing myself read them LOL


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