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Is My Local Convenience StoreKeeper RACIST?

I went to this convenience store (which was few blocks away from my rented room) to buy something to eat after waking up with an angry stomach from a grueling night shift (patients running here and there not sleeping, shouting and all- to which I managed mano y mano mostly because I was the only male psychiatric nurse on duty)...
Going inside the store, I saw this Black man ( I think an expat from Africa) standing by the counter with his choosen goodies to pay and this storekkeeper I saw was on the phone talkin' to whomever in arabic, and I thought WTF he is doing why he is keeping this man waiting?, so I thought maybe the call was really important to him..then I went in,and after some turns here and there on the shelves, got what I wanted and headed towards the counter to pay for it when in surprise, I saw this black man still there waiting for this storekeeper to put down the godamn phone and attend to him...I was about to speak when a youngish man (maybe in his 20's) came in and said something to him (storekeeper) in Arabic which I cannot fully understand but I think he wants a phonecard for his mobile, and to our amazement (black man too) he put down the phone in a flash and said to whomever he was talking to " yalla, massalam (bye bye)" and attended to this newbie and gave him what he need...when this black man said "hey, whats wrong with you?"..and the storekeeper said "Ah, you have to wait, He is local...mushkilla,muskilla (problem-problem)".....I was like: WTF?..
then this newbie left with the thing he needed and saw the biggest grin a person could have on his face, in my whole freakin' life...
and then my head feels like it will explode and went spinning...
the next thing I fully remembered I was back in my room eating the food I bought..
Is Our Convenience StoreKeeper Racist?
What you think?

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Comment by photo2010 on November 25, 2008 at 12:26pm
I would stop giving that store my business in the future.


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