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The dreadful day had come..
Now is a complete BLOCKED site here in Dubai and the entirety of United Arab Emirates..
maybe our internet provider had had ENOUGH of the PORN in this site.
November of last year, they started to FILTER it, you cannot watch videos anymore...
It was like I was punched on the face leaving a blackeye..then bruises and soreness healed, I adjusted. I found ways so I can watch vids in there, ignoring what was on the live chats. but was so afraid that all these naked girls on the liverooms will disgust my internet provider and will shut livevideo down, but it went on, the show must go on..for 3 months the site is still up for me. THEN, BAM!..its GONE completely. POOF..they clicked that button and BLOCKED the site for good. AMEN. DONE. Now it was like I was stabbed in the chest, But somehow made it to the hospital on time and was revived and recuperating and must go on with my life......ARGH! DAMN! (anger management, sorry..)
If not for my proxy server I will not be able to see the site here..There are times when this little magic software I have will go nuts and I cannot watch and if thats what happening then it means I cannot access to that site too..BUT I can still manage..I always make a way however hard it is..
but thank god for the ning sites..
the people I had the privelege to know and be of friends with there are here..
and to me thats pure BLISS. THANK YOU.

site blocked

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Comment by jinboy on January 26, 2009 at 4:35am
LOL well it was bound to happen :P:P:P
Comment by SydTheSkeptic on January 26, 2009 at 8:04am
Ferdz, I'm sorry...I know you were still all over those boards when I'd go visit. If you ever want me to deliver a message onto the boards there, let me know. Just PM me the message and I'll tack it up there and let you know of any responses, okay- just so you can at least let people know and maybe say goodbye and let them know where you're at.


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