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After the confrontation between 'C' and my brother and other relatives, 'C' was forced into returning

my Mother's jewelry. Some of the pieces still missing, but I was unaware of this, and didn't care, my

Mom having passed just a week before. 'C' had the disgusting gall to call me in the midst of my mourning

to make me promise to sell her a specific piece of jewelry if I did decide to sell any, her voice

shaking with rage. I think I promised to do it just to shut her up. She hadn't even returned the

jewelry at that point. When she did return it, she left it at my door with one of my aides.


A few days later, another aunt, I'll call her 'D', came over and said: "you asked me to watch over your

Mother's jewelry, remember?" I was still so lost over my Mother's passing, I said ok, and she took what

was left away. You may well shake your head at this, but I really didn't care about anything at that

point. She also took the keys to my Mom's car. Over the last year and a half, 'D' would call me at various

points: "I gave one of the gold necklaces to my grandson 'M' I gave my daughter L' some of the costume

jewelry. I took some of the diamonds..."  Slowly but surely, 'D' was steaing the remainder of my inheritance.

I told my brother about this, but he said that I might need 'D's' help sometime. What help? She made me

some meals, very expensive meals as it turns out Previously I had trusted 'D'. Why? I can't remember.

Finally, a few months ago, on the day of the unveiling for my Mother, when we got back to my place

from the cemetary, I saw 'D' take some antique glassware that was my Mom's, out of a cabinet, bring

it over to her daughter, and whisper, (but not as quiet as she thought: "we've got to get these downstairs".

She was plotting to steal more of my inheritance on THE DAY OF MY MOTHER'S UNVEILING!! That

week I called 'D' telling her I wanted my Mother's jewelry back. She argued with me about what little

value it had. It took about four weeks of calls for me to get what was left back. I did not fight about

what she had stolen. Even writing this is causing me tachycardia, and I don't want to get a stroke.


One day I will call my family out on all this, but I need to feel strong, and I don't right now.

There are people with no conscience in this world. I will never sink to their level.



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Comment by Marie on August 10, 2011 at 7:04am
I'm so glad that you got most of your mother's things back. [[[hugs]]]
Comment by photo2010 on August 10, 2011 at 10:16am
Thank you Marie. (((hugs)))  :)
Comment by BlancheNoE on August 10, 2011 at 1:37pm

Been there,...when my mom died and then my brother. I'd give you advice but I don't have any. It still smarts.

*big hug*

Comment by photo2010 on August 10, 2011 at 5:51pm

Blanche, I'm sorry you've been through this. ;(  It smarts and makes me feel so stupid, even though it wasn't my fault. It also makes me want to isolate myself from people even more than I am.


(((big *gentle* hug)))

Comment by NatureJunkie on August 10, 2011 at 7:50pm
Kevin, I'm relieved to know that you were able to recover some of your mom's stuff. Your aunts sound like despicable people. You should not feel stupid because you didn't recognize their vulture natures when you were at your lowest. I hope you got the car keys back too, because your caretakers need that in some of the duties they do for you, don't they?
Comment by photo2010 on August 11, 2011 at 2:05am

NJ, my current aide has her own car. The old ones used my Mom's car. I need to have the car put in my name and sell it. I think my aunt thought she was going to get the car for nothing and give it to one of her kids. Quite a conniver.

Thank you for your kind words. You're right. :)

Comment by photo2010 on August 20, 2011 at 8:14am
Sometimes something happens that convinces me that my parents are still with me. One gold ring with several small diamonds, that my Mother bought for my Father, that has been missing for a long time, turned up on my bed a few days ago under some papers. i was sure it was stolen. I have no idea how it got there. My Mom used to take it out and show it to me all the time after my Dad passed. Strange.
Comment by NatureJunkie on August 22, 2011 at 11:18am

"Turned up on my bed a few days ago under some papers...I have no idea how it got there." Well, you did not put it there yourself; therefore, someone else put it there. Do one or more people have access to your apartment? There's your pool of suspects. But no matter. Whoever took possession of it thought to undo their thievery. I'm glad you have it back, Kevin. Perhaps there will be more pieces that "turn up" in time. Their placement will probably be selected with the intention of making you think that you yourself left them there and then forgot.

Comment by photo2010 on September 4, 2011 at 6:18am
NJ, I am rarely out of my apartment, and nobody gets in my bedroom without my knowing about it. It's still a mystery to me.


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