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Hai Fellow arkians

I have been pondering on things of late, pondering more heavily on my studies of forensic science. As many others of my generation who have opted to become forensic scientists they as myself have been influenced by programs like the CSI franchise, NCIS and other programs based on the genre.

Of late I have been going through a series called Bones and the graphic nature of the program shows me how gruesome people can be. As much as these programs aare mainly story telling and many of the techniques used are very advanced (by which I mean fake) alot of the scenarios are very plausable.

Thus my train of thought of arriving at a scene and retreiving evidence which looks familiar, the same weapon, the same attack everything the same thus leading to serial murders, I in all honesty do not know how I will react to such a situation. All of my training so far has been in a lab a controlled environment no matter how much our lecturers try to simulate real life it is still a simulation which is why everyone in my class including me go into a case in a non caring manner which is why I feel some of us may not prepared for the real thing.

We have been taught that such cases are extremely rare, however for someone like me who can't bare see a child cry I cannot say i'll be prepared.

The only thing that can over shadow my fears is my unwilling resolve to do the right thing and to seek the truth and bring about justice to those who have been hurt by someone. I guess im in a conflict with myself which is annoying I have two more years of learning to do so I have a lot to learn, so in may very cowboy attitude i'll say we shall see what becomes of me in the future.

Just wanted to share some of my thoughts at the moment maybe its because i feel so old im going to be turning 22 (hey i feel alot younger then that) in may so yeah I will be thinking alot more.

Have a nice weekend arkies

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Comment by BlancheNoE on April 25, 2009 at 12:40am
I am extremely sensitive to the pain of others,...even the ones I don't know, but a funny thing happens when I'm faced with gruesome circumstances. I don't know what comes over me, but I become very methodical. There is a task at hand and I suddenly don't have time for the emotional aspect. I think you might surprise yourself. If this is in fact your path, of course it's highly likely you will at some time become emotionally involved with someone's story, and it is also likely that you'll be haunted by some of those stories, but isn't that just life? It's in the stories we see in the news, that person we know who has cancer or our own daily struggles. The fact that it tears you up means you're a pretty cool human. I'll be wishing you good luck, the stamina to make it through school, and if you decided it wasn't for you,
that would be cool too.
Comment by luvdabun on June 7, 2009 at 10:27am
I find these shows very extreme from my normal viewing. My sweetheart got me hooked on NCIS. Enjoying it more and more. If you can handle this field, its very interesting. Never a dull moment I bet. Your Cowboy Up attitude is what will get you through. I would think that the most fustrating part of this field would be knowing who killed someone, and not having enough evidence to convict.
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