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When I'm in the USA my social network basically breaks down into two groups. The first group are my soccer players/parents/coaches/board etc. Usually this group consists of very fine individuals who share a common bond but also have the propensity to err on the side of their particular child/team/club. An occupational hazard but one that is usually worth the trade off.

The second group is you. My online friends. People who I''ve never met (in most cases) but people who I feel an understanding and common bond with.

Very rarely do I say thanks and let people know how important their friendship and interaction is for me. But from a guy who is very, very far away from anything even remotely considered IRL, you guys rock!

Thank you.

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Comment by ferdz ines on July 15, 2009 at 5:21pm
I heart you man..
I feel the same too..
and yes, I should say:


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