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Inspired by the video that CoZzMiX recently posted and for what it’s worth, I’ve decided to repost this as a blog here.

Where is the Bus?

This has got to be the dumbest Planet that I’ve ever been stuck on, I can tell you. Amazingly, we wonder why nobody comes by here anymore. I can well imagine why the pan galactic bus doesn’t stop here anymore.

It’s teeming with life out there. Just why do you think it’s so bright in the centre of the galaxy? There’s an infinite party going on, I get dizzy just thinking about it. Gazillions of life forms.

Now look at us. Here we are sitting on this pearl in the universe but look where we’re stuck. Way out on some dead end spiral arm, in the sticks. The slums of the universe so to speak. Basically nobody sane would reasonably come onto the idea that anything could or would want to live out here where we are. But there’s a good reason for it. They dragged us off and put us out here deliberately. Why?

Hey people, we can’t get it together with three meagre skin shades. Black, white and yellow. I’d say the reds don’t count because we pretty near wasted them. Three basically the same races don’t get along. How is it supposed to work with all the different beings out there? For example how are we going to get along with those weird dudes out past Andromeda, the ones with the two tentacles on the left side? As well, we haven’t touched the similar differences between the various compassionate religions on our planet. Just imagine this, because I believe it, my supreme being rules and if you don’t believe it too, I will be forced to kill you and your soul will burn in hell forever. That’s neat. You can tell that one to the strange creatures in the Alpha-Centauri sector. They nourish themselves with laughter and are always searching for good jokes. They’d feast on that.

And the political differences and so on and so forth down to the backyard fence level.

Worst of all the simple mindedness is that mankind is ignoring and what’s even worse, suppressing half of its resources. For the straightforward reason that we have not yet been able to comprehend that you need at least one man AND one woman to accurately represent ONE human. We have the potential and possibility to create a paradise for all concerned, instead, the earth is going to hell in a wheelbarrow and we’re all pushing it along.

You gotta see it this way, all life and I mean every single being in the entire universe has an attitude or basic programming tuned to cooperation. We are the singular exception. We picked up a defect and our basic programming is erroneously based on confrontation. What does that mean? Everybody knows the situation, two spacecraft one parking space. Both occupants exit their craft and search for a mutually satisfactory solution. Here on Earth? Two cars, one slot at the mall, both occupants rant and rave, I saw it first, punch your face, where’s my lawyer, I’ll sue you and all that other good stuff. Hey c’mon, it can’t really work out that way. We have to realize it sooner or later, we’re all in this together.

But it’s not just about a place to park your car. If you’re in a constant state of cooperation you can afford to lie down and go to sleep, completely. This means you can shut down all your systems and rest. We on the other hand, constantly set for confrontation, have a great many alarm functions still operational. For example the ears. They still function so that we can hear if the materially challenged break in to our palace at night.

Long ago it used to be different. Occasional visitors from outer space still came by to check up on us. Comparable to social workers or parole officers. The problem was, as soon as they lay down to sleep we thought they were dead so we opened them up and dissected them to see how they functioned or even worse, we ate them up.

Hey folks listen, if you perform an autopsy on or even go as far as to eat your guests then they won’t be coming back . That’s just the way it is. Sorry.

When I was a kid I used to be afraid. What if some aliens come to invade us. Well, in the course of my life I have gotten to know the human species quite well and I’m not afraid of anything out there. I am certain that we are the meanest, baddest and most dangerous thing in the universe. If anything should decide to come by then we’ll kick their butts or whatever back to Antares or Sirius like all the rest before. Great work folks.

And that’s why the Pan Galactic Bus doesn’t stop here anymore.

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Comment by BlancheNoE on March 6, 2010 at 9:11pm
*sigh* (for the apparent inevitability) *sigh-again* (for yeah,'s even better, again)
Comment by Pypermarru1 on March 10, 2010 at 10:15am
Well writen and said, sir.
Comment by jinboy on March 21, 2010 at 7:09pm
ya know you always hear the space program is in trouble theres no money, or we cant get vaccines to the 3rd world theres not enough money to buy them, we cant buy food theres no money

i wonder how far we could go if money was not an option a place where currency did not exist where our creative geniuses would not be restrained to a budget and see what can be developed and how far we can go

you can dream right??? LOL


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