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1. its a rush that has a way of confusing you, its not a matter of if but when it chooses you, it takes your breath away when it takes a hold of you, you cant fight this it has a way of hypnotizing you, let it take you over this will make you sober, and when its done like a drug you'll only want more more more..............

2. we walk this earth like mere shadows, hollow from the inside out, it is in one moment when we find our reflection, deep within the tranquel lake of calm, it is their our peace is found where everything finally makes sense, it is just simple matter of finding it before th soul gets lost........

3. i've forgotten what it was like, its been long since i've been in your eyes, so much for keeping the lie within, its been burning deep inside, i can't speak without stuttering so please give my words a chance, its just a matter of time before its set free, so stay close you'll want to be beside me, when the truth comes out............ LOL teenage dream inspired heheheee

4. Walking down memory lane all the things that drove me insane, the guys and gals that have come and gone all the times that lasted so long, now its like a fresh new dawn the suns come up and that day is gone

5. its called love at first sight i got shone by your light, that warm fuzzy feeling came from your loving and believing, this just feels like stealing like ive been robbed of all my feeling, i cant say it clearly i almost said it nearly............

6. there is a monster within us all and at every turn we make we see a glimpse of it n the corner of ur eyes following us like a shadow. The facade of life keeps this monster in check its name is our heart and at a slight moments it takes over our impulses....... watta bitch the heart can be :)

7. there used to be a time where i would reminisce and think of all the days that since stayed in the past, all i wanted was the fame and th fortune and not think of the ups and the downs of this daily life, back then i said how felt but at this time the mind stops and thinks and blocks what the heart wants to say, How about I make a wish to turn back time and become that guy no longer be shy and always stay high above the ground instead of digging a deep whole and burying my head in the sand

8. I feel like stars forever locked behind bars going around in circles being dragged around as if life were like a whirlpool i spin around for an eternity dazed and confused this is a game that we all in time lose.........

9. damn these tears they lead to many fears the words spread to many ears and just like sharp shears they cut through you but you will never hear.................

10. having fun in the sun always on the run nothing on my mind not even what i've left behind a change in the story all for some new found glory with every turn an old bridge is burned yet there is always a path to the life you once had that makes this moment not too bad :)

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Comment by Alandria on September 11, 2010 at 5:20pm
Hey you, long time no see, how are ya doin?
Comment by BlancheNoE on September 11, 2010 at 8:02pm
I finally got to this and I'm glad I did. I found verse # 10 to be particularly hopeful and comforting. Beautiful, Jin.
Comment by jinboy on September 12, 2010 at 8:21pm
@alandria *frantically waves* LOL I am awesome as always :P:P how about you hows the lil one doing

@blanche i like number 1 and 7 because they came to me wile listening to songs No1. came when listening to Katy perry's teenage dreams and No7. came to mem when listening to airplanes that songs is so AWESOME


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