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Airing the dirty laundry I guess these days.



Just stopping by to say Kirb is thriving on the Prednisone , Astralagus and Maritime Pine Bark Extract, although I am not giving him near the dose of Prednisone prescribed.   I know though, that how he appears is a lie. He is still very sick, but at least he is able to enjoy things.


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thanks and update

Yesterday it seemed Kirb had hours and not weeks.   He went from being perfectly active the day he went to the Vet (walked a good 5 miles) to yesterday, me having to lift him up to stand and setting him down as he tried to lay down.  He was hunched in pain and stiff when he attempted to walk.  He would pant a bit from the pain.  I gave him a dose of Prednisone and today he is back to his normal self, running to the door to be first to greet us, and anxious to have his walk as he pulled Ann's…


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I made the video Orange Sky last year in honor of my orange dog, Kirb last year.   He just turned 10 years.    Every morning I greet him with the phrase "Every day is a beautiful, wonderful, glorius  gift."  This became ritual with us following the death of his older brother who passed back in 2004 and Kirb idolized.   His brother died of a secondary lymphoma which started with a cancer of the spleen,


Kirb  was diagnosed with lymphoma today.   That usually carries a prognosis…


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