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Here’s to a year in which we can laugh at the silliness we are while on our journeys. Here’s to finding light and being able to admit when we don’t possess all the answers. Here’s to recognizing the brevity of time we have and being able to utilize it in the most meaningful and fulfilling ways. Here is to being and doing all we hope and expect from others. Here’s to the rewarding of empathy and effort we see in each other with the same, even when we don’t see it in the same light. Here’s to cherishing what we’ve lost, and recognizing what we still have before it’s gone. And here is to that New Years resolution which has value in that thing we recognize as our own shortcoming even if it can’t be kept. As everyone heads into New Years, stay safe and happy and connected to that which matters most. It is a honor to count you among those who have put up with my nonsense and read this late night musing. I may not be that better resolution minded individual in 2019, but I hope you can laugh along with me at my follies, and at your own.

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Comment by ThatGirl on December 31, 2018 at 1:16pm

Don't Have the Words Presently...  my gratitude for meeting and having you and the gang of LV , Collective Soul REAL People who became real friends...doesn't have words.  

You are always so self aware and IMO, too critical of yourself. I also believe that to truly be interested in growing throughout life, we have to be the hardest on ourselves, than anyone else. We also need support from the outside, which too many people do not possess in this world. For this reason, I am always grateful for YOU. ... i wouldn't change a thing. 

the Belly laughs I have had invoked by your creativity have been the biggest of my life. My whole little family has had face cramps from laughing and smiling back in the day. my gratitude for helping usher those family moments with my boys is immeasurable. I wish we still had those outlets but knowing the truth about JOY is as important as knowing when it's happening, how important it is to preserve and cherish

We're all gonna get past this historical Low... and the real truth of who we are collectively as a people, is going to have to be proven through blood sweat and tears.... Im not scared.  I know you're not either.  Welcome 2019. Show us what you got. I'll be there limping through it with ya. Til i cant' anymore.  Love D

Comment by NatureJunkie on January 1, 2019 at 7:46pm

*Ting*--that's the sound of my glass tipping at yours. This is a wonderful toast, Chig, and I extend all these well wishes back at you. May we all have laughter.


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