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the journey to your mirror

I had a discussion recently with a client about greatness. Popularity is probably a more accurate description. It’s funny what people will tell you when you lay your hands on them. They seem to forget they are in a public place, surrounded by other people. They get in my chair and once we’ve talked business, they spill their dreams or their fears or their guts. I don’t really understand it.

Anyway, my client mentioned out of the blue that she regretted that she had never done anything…


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Hello's and Pink Flamingos

Hello my Arkian friends!


Sorry to have been absent so long. Here's the Reader's Digest version. 

I mentioned last time that I was seriously considering auditioning for a position with Redken. Well, we went to NY so I could take my certification exam which is the first step to the process. Mr. Scribbler and I turned it into a Fabtieth birthday trip as well and had the most marvelous time. I'll post pics to give you a bit of the essence but this amateur photographer…


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women... a Comedy/Tragedy

You don't know what they want

So you can't give them what they want


They don't know what they want

So they can't ask for what they want


When they think they know what they want, they try to get it

Usually using encoded signals which are easily misread


When they ask directly for what they want, that usually means it's too late

You blew it, because you're supposed to KNOW what cannot be known

Don't you…


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To the east coast

Heres hoping our east coast friends stay safe and secure through the coming storm keep a track on things with the news and if ya like check out this site in respect to your area and situation


Keep safe folks

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Debunking the misinformation and nonsense that is being disseminated about Comet Elenin

Astronomer and blogger Ian Musgrave from South Australia has been active in debunking the misinformation and nonsense that is being disseminated about Comet Elenin. He has written several wonderful posts featuring the actual realities of this long-period lump of dirty ice that has, for some reason, attracted the attention of doomsdayers, 2012ers, and end-of-the-world scaremongers. Earlier this week, Ian’s…


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Jack Layton 1950-2011


Jack Layton was the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament and head of the New Democratic Party in Canada. Pictured above with his wife Olivia Chow, also a Member of Parliament. 


I didn't always agree with your politics, but your love for…


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dirty laundry part 2


After the confrontation between 'C' and my brother and other relatives, 'C' was forced into returning

my Mother's jewelry. Some of the pieces still missing, but I was unaware of this, and didn't care, my

Mom having passed just a week before. 'C' had the disgusting gall to call me in the midst of my mourning

to make me promise to sell her a specific piece of jewelry if I did decide to sell any, her voice

shaking with rage. I think I promised to do it just…


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Meet Steve...the new man in my life :-)

My friend Rik and I went to the dog pound and came home with Steve.  He's a 5-yr old Corgi/Papillon mix and perfect in every way!  Rik is also my neighbor and will come doggy-sit if I'm not home.


Topanga is very dog-friendly and I can bring him to work with me most days.  He curls up and sleeps at my feet while I work.  I got so lucky!  He's been here since…


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dirty laundry part 1


I need to share what some of my relatives have been doing to me since my Mother

passed, even though I am embarrassed to admit I have these people in my family.

I'm hoping some of you can give me some perspective on this.


I have three aunts who are my Mother's sisters, living near me. One lives in my

building, two live in the highrise across the street. When my Mom had the stroke,

and had just been admitted to the hospital, she called me to…


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