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Not so early this morning...But what do we need...

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Comment by BlancheNoE on July 2, 2010 at 12:10pm
This brought to mind the old adage " be careful what you wish for,..."
People want to be "special",....well, Charlie Manson and Hitler were "special".
You're right about The Con. We're taught that wealth or having things makes us better than the next guy when really all the time and energy we put into getting that stuff could have been used to strengthen our relationships with people or the earth itself instead of things.
Diogenes would have loved you, CoZz. He believed we needed just as much daily advertising of good spiritual and community based messages as there is advertising for useless crap.
Comment by photo2010 on July 2, 2010 at 9:43pm
I am currently afraid that I will not be able to afford my basic needs because my expenses exceed my ability to pay for them. I see my computer as essential because I am shut-in mostly due to poor health, and it is my lifeline. I feel it is as much a need as air. But I, who used to think I needed all the latest electronic junk advertised, have pared down my shopping habits to the bare essentials. Being on the dole just doesn't cut it I'm afraid.
Comment by CoZzMiX on July 3, 2010 at 7:19pm
@BlaanchNoE *CoZzMiX scuffles back to his burial urn in the marketplace for a few more hours kip* ;0)

@photo2010 Yes... I think I should have included good health as one of the essentials and when that is missing some of the things we can usually do without become both more important and harder to come by!

I wasn't really advocating being on the dole as a desirable life style, More I was trying to point to a more balanced view of the situation that MOST people find themselves in... Maybe there is a discussion to be had about the way society treats those who through no fault of their own struggle to get their basic needs!
Comment by photo2010 on July 5, 2010 at 1:27am
I know you weren't advocating being on the dole, I was just making a statement about how I live, and the dole doesn't make ends meet. No worries my friend. :)


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