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  • Zombie Hunter 3 (Trailer)

    Zombie Hunter 3 (Trailer)

    So I remembered I forgot about Halloween again. Since now is not the season, I follow the old Holly… LtAdams2247 Jan 23, 2012 201 views

  • Adams' 5x5

    Adams' 5x5

    Find beauty in the mundane. My kind of challenge. 5 clips of exactly 5 seconds of unmodified raw f… LtAdams2247 Jan 9, 2012 204 views

  • Number One

    Number One

    So I did another one. I am getting ideas, what is wrong with me? LtAdams2247 Jul 10, 2011 86 views

  • Thirty Seconds

    Thirty Seconds

    So I was browsing a little. Then I couldn't stand any more puppy or flower videos. I decided to mak… LtAdams2247 Jul 8, 2011 102 views

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