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At this point the roleplay is still very interactive, meaning one would react to other peoples vids, often within hours. This is March to June 2007 so it was possible due to the lack of visual fx. Yeah. Those will bite a chunk out of your week.

So with the LVR defeated and the NTO in control of LV we started into the new season.

The Tyrant S02E01 - Resurrection Aftermath from Peter Adams on Vimeo.

The Tyrant S02E02 - Me myself and I from Peter Adams on Vimeo.

So at this point nobody really knew what to do since there was no opposition to the tyrant nation so we were all just enjoying the vicory. By "we" I of course mean everybody else because I had that pestering clone to deal with. In the comment section I asked ATT (leader of the NTO) what the hell he was thinking when he created that clone.

He said he was thinking "fusion".

I said "mmmmmmkay".

The Tyrant S02E03 - Fusion from Peter Adams on Vimeo.

Who needs a good guy if you've got too many bad guys with too much time on their hands. The NTO fell to the same fate that destroyed every other empire, once they became too big. Happened to Alexander the Great, happened to the Romans, happened to the NTO.

The Tyrant S02E04 - Rogue from Peter Adams on Vimeo.

The guy who sent that letter called himself "Nemesis" - a neutral player who knew alot about things that were going on from some "prophecy". During the NTO/LVR war he would occasionally play both sides against each to his own benefit. Appearently he continued that practice now, even if it meant that he had to give somebody a little push to get a conflict rolling. War is good for business.

This was the starting shot for many factions to splinter away from the NTO and waging a cold war against each other. Also a handful of players joined the "Adams family". My Tyrant never was one for a cold war though. He didn't spy, he didn't scheme, he didn't operate in the shadows. He liked his wars to involve people dying, preferably people opposed to him, preferably in large numbers.

If he intended to kill you, he would tell you so in advance and to the face. Was it a code of honor? Hardly. With the fuck ton of fire power he gained after his resurrection, the possibility of him losing a fight just never entered his mind. "Who can stop me now?!"

So he was aided by his new crew to track down ATT so that he may kill him in a horrible and possibly hilarious fashion. But the man wasn't asleep (unfortunately). Knowing that his newly declared enemy had an unstable half, he knew just where to stike and kidnapped that damned stuffed reindeer from under the Tyrant's nose. The spying, scheming bastard.

The Tyrant S02E05 - Reindeer from Peter Adams on Vimeo.

So let me get this straight. There you got this split personaly guy, half pure evil, half child like innocence. And which half does ATT pick to get back at him? The one that didn't do anything. Again I say, none of this was planned before hand. It was improvised and thusly representitive of human behaviour. I was intrigued. This was the moment it occured to me that there might be more to this than pure random goofyness but that an actual message might be tailored into the show. However cheesy it might be.

The Tyrant S02E06 - Evil World from Peter Adams on Vimeo.

So he tasked his second in command to find the scotsman so that he may murder him in a horrible and at this point probably not all that hilarious fashion. Beyond "Scotland" ATT disguised his location somehow so the Tyrant was referred to the next best thing. Nemesis, the guy with the all knowing prophecy. Good enough, he wanted to test that death ray on a living target anyway.

The Tyrant S02E07 - Nemesis from Peter Adams on Vimeo.

Fun fact: This was the exact moment that vividdrifter (the dude who played Nemesis) disappeared from LV, never to be seen again. I hear it was drama related but I couldn't help but be amazed by the coincidence.

This was the point when working those episodes became actual work. ATT and I sat down many hours to try to make sence of the "plot" that was randomly and chaotically created by dozens of people through countless entries. As you probably already noticed, the cliffhanger set the next episode up to be the season's conclusion. So we had to wrap shit up. And behold, after 2 weeks of writing and shooting and rewriting and reshooting we actually made this work. I also got to define the nature of the Tyrant as we needed a bit of back story to explain the plot. SciFi fan that I am there was but one way to go. Also FINALLY we figured out what the hell Plan X was (that one was bugging me for the longest time).

The general tone of the episode was largely influenced by my state of mind at the time that was triggered by the announcement that my very dear friend lima was gonna get shipped off to Iraq (date of release: June 2007). Hence the dedication at the end.

So here we go, the season finale:

The Tyrant S02E08 - Endgame from Peter Adams on Vimeo.

Season 3 is going to require more watching and less reading because the roleplay changed from interactive to preplanned. This means it has the longest running time, the story mostly takes place on screen and I don't have to explain too may things that were happening elsewhere.

I shall post the final season once Vimeo gives me the upload space.

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Comment by Chig on February 22, 2013 at 8:44pm

Ah, Nemesis with a cameo of the lovely ArtGirl86 and multi-talented Nobodyschild99 and sassy SedonaLeigh2007.

Vividdrifter had mad acting skills. The tyrant dying every other dozen episode..... Those were the days.

Comment by LtAdams2247 on February 23, 2013 at 10:55am

And who the hell is that drunk? I don't remember I think he deleted his channel as well. Three times ;-)

Yeah I missed vivid, he had quite the screen presence.

Comment by Marie on February 24, 2013 at 1:02pm
*chuckles* I think I got ~at~least~ one really/really good 'laugh out loud' moment from each episode! After a hellish week, much appreciated. I salute you.

Enjoying the backstories (and your observations) a lot! They put the episodes in context. Thank you for taking the time to put this all together.

You also have an unerring talent for picking surprising, but perfect music. Ah... I see you are having fun and working the shadows. You have some stunning visuals in Endgame!

Oh, oh - there's lots of people I recognize! LOL@sedonaleigh Yah, it's hard to shoot a man who calls yah sexy.

Ah shit... The beginning of 'Endgame' gave me goosebumps! Beautiful and poingant!
Comment by BlancheNoE on March 29, 2013 at 12:49pm


You are AWEsome.


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