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The path that I am on today is the hardest road that I have journeyed
upon throughout my entire life. It is the path of learning. It is the
path of discovering the truth about the world around me and the essence
of my own being. It is a path that is made clearer by the people around
me by showing me new ideas and bringing forth different ways to look at
the things around me. It is a path that would be unbearable without the
honest debate of friends.

I know that sometimes I veer off the path and wonder into the glossed over haze of the media and modern
politics. I have often walked in a world of vagueness and of obscure
murkiness of truth where no one cares about knowledge or integrity
anymore. But unlike the masses around me I find being mediocre
appalling. I want more for myself and for those around me. So I keep

So as long as my eyes are open this path can only take me to new understanding. It can only take me to a clearer view of
myself and the world around me. And if I do find some great truth that
awaits me it is because we all walked the path together showing each
other different ways down this long road.

Thanks for helping me find my way, and forgive me for every time I went the wrong way down the path.

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