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RE : The Vault-Auto Play. Just so you know,...

Peter attempted to upload his masterpiece multiple times to multiple sites. None would accept the file size except *drum roll *,...LV * fart sound *.
Yeah, that is why The Vault is embedded from LV.
He is in no way endorsing LV,....he's just *using* LV,..sorta' like LV used us.
As Peter himself said : " Oh the sweet irony,.."

Now go see The Vault. Peter's concept of blossoming love presented as a nightmarish stroll through the rooms of the psyche is nothing short of brilliant.
The amount of work he put into the conception,special effects,acting,directing and editing is staggering.

Thanks again Peter.
It was well worth the wait.

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Comment by SydTheSkeptic on July 11, 2009 at 11:23pm
Just so's you guys know, I'm aware that the movie's on auto-play on the front page. LV won't allow to change the script so I'm hoping everyone's okay with it for a few days.

When I see all the layers of this movie, I really can't imagine how many hours went into it. And Amy...omigosh...the fight scenes!! What a dream!!!!


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