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I've been very tired the last couple of days. Getting up is hard when laying down, the lower back complains whenever I move and I waddle to get from point A to point B. I'm feeling very 'done' by this point, but aparently the little one isn't quite there yet!

Today is the proposed birth day of my little bundle of joy, but as of yet this baby has yet to even drop! Last week when I went in for what I was hoping would be my last prenadal doctors apointment my cervix hadn't even begun to thin. I go in today hoping for some better news than that. Something along the lines of 'it'll be any time now, your cervix has thinned and you've begun to dialate!'. Wishfull thinking I know, but I'm wishing!
I'm just waiting it out now. People are telling me to jump on beds, take some caster oil and other off the wall suggestions that might help this baby come, but my state of mind is - this baby will come when it's good and ready. No matter how ready I may be, it's staying in there for a reason!

Do you know how hard it is not to write the gender in when you know what it is?! Ha!

That is my little update for those of you on baby watch :)

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Comment by jinboy on November 3, 2008 at 12:56pm
good lord im guessing the kid knows something we dont
i guess your wombs a really safe place to be right now LOL
hope you have some good news today


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