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New Scare in LV..Video Deletion! AHHH!!

Videos upon videos are being deleted in LV.. Copyright Infringement is the name of the freakin' game..
Songs being added to videos that are copyrighted are being deleted..
I knew friends who had their vids deleted because of this..
BUT a video without music will suck..right?
They said put uncopyrighted music..
and have you heard these free music?
Oh, they SUCK!..and freakin' BORING! LOL
and sometimes putting a cool music in your vid will in some way advertise the song itself
and people will buy the its good and not doing harm , in my opinion..
and people who are doing vids are not getting paid for their vids so whats wrong with putting music on it? I dont understand..
anyway..this will make people in LV leave in throves once more..oh HOPE NOT!
DAMN..why all these things are happening?
I dont want to log on in there one day with all the 'cool' and 'nice' people I knew GONE..
sigh..I have NOT been deleted though so far BUT I can feel what these people felt..
anyway, lets all hope for the BEST of times in LV to come back..
Merry Christmas guys..
See ya around!

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Comment by SydTheSkeptic on December 24, 2008 at 11:27pm
Hey ferdz!! Go to
I get really cool music from independent artists who WANT you to use their music in your vids, as long as you credit them somewhere in your vid. :o)


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