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I just listened to eminems new album relapse, to be honest i was expecting something better LOL. You know an artist tends to improve upon the initial music and go with the times but with mr mathers its the same old trumpet being blown again.

for example the song "my mom" is basically how as a child his mother gave him vallium in everything breakfast lunck supper whatever and how his daddy molested him. Now it was interesting the first time he used it because of the shock value it was expected the second time because it went so well the first time but come on a third time FFS man.

I dont think many people will like his song "same song and dance" which is based on him molesting women while picking them up on the roadside in particular lindsey lohan who is used in the lyrics as a "victim", nothing new there he has used other celebrities in his music (micheal jackson comes to mind i dont think there friends anymore).

He also uses intervals in his albums that lead up to his songs one in particular is rather graphic name "tonya" which leads up to the "same song and dance" track.

once again alot of controversial material it will raise eyebrows people will start riots, i just thought there would be something fresh and new but its like someone pressed copy and paste in the studio and churned out an album, so i am disappointed by it.

I dont want to be completely down on this album because in the field of ash there is a diamond the single "beautiful" relates to his last 4 years of rehab and life and which was good to listen to but the rest of the album in my opinion :P:P was the same old shady and if you like that then you'll love it but i was expecting something *new* after 4 years of contemplating LOL.

im just hoping the album relapse 2 which is slated to be released later in the year has some NEW music and not what was put into this album.

Yes i will now be hunted down by aftermath records for saying such things :P:P:P

peace fellow arkians

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