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Motivational Goddess--> How To Just Friggin' MOVE FORWARD In One's Life

I'm RSS-subbed to a blog called WorldMegan. Megan is the most upbeat go-getter I've ever encountered on these here Internets; her writing is fresh, interesting, and inspiring. She's only in her late 20's but her words and, most importantly, her actions belie her years. It's the life I've noticed she lives that makes the strongest argument for me to keep myself tuned to Megan's frequency.

I found her through Vloggerheads when it first started. She had posted this vlog:

Now she posts mostly on her own blog through WordPress and it was through that blog that I learned she was a motivational speaker by trade. At first, I thought it was crazy someone so young could build a career fresh out of college, without any "life experience" but I continued to read and watch her vlogs and I get it now.

I love this woman's mind. Her spirit if infectious. Today's vlog is the one that compelled me to share her with you:
"Internally-motivated External Motivation"

Megan talks about her own strategy for getting things done. It really struck a chord with me because it makes complete sense to make a decision to go for what you want (something that's internally-motivated) by putting yourself in a position or a situation where you're forced to fulfill that goal due to extenuating factors (external motivation).

Watch the vlog and you'll see what I mean. It's beautifully simple. It's a whole different way of facing one's fears, although if I have to modify the strategy for myself: I'd add that whatever situation you choose to put yourself into (the one she says is the external motivator that helps you reach what internally motivates you), it HAS to feel safe at first and early success needs to be built into it (that's just me thinking with my teacher brain). The hardest part would be sticking with it and slowly progressing in whatever it is you've gotten yourself into.

I'm sharing Megan with you in the hopes it may make perfect sense to you as well.
Take care.

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Comment by Jim on April 29, 2009 at 6:45pm
Thanks for this, Syd. I was looking for some motivation, since I have twenty zillion things I want to do in life, and some things I just never get to. I pretty much only do the things that are mandatory, and even some of those I do much later than I should. When I actually get to do something that isn't absolutely essential, but that I really want to do anyway, it feels great! So I need motivation to accomplish things more efficiently, and that way I can finish the required things, and then get to the interesting, icing-on-the-cake things, before more of the "must-do" things come along. One thing that helps me is to get on a roll. That way I don't waste time pondering, prioritizing, or putting off tasks. Here's the technique that works for me: I put all my tasks in a random pile, and then I start doing them from top to bottom (or at least as far as I can get until time runs out). I don't let myself pause between tasks, not even for a moment . If I encounter a task that I don't want to do, I put it aside without fanfare or guilt, and go right on to the next item. I can always come back to such items when I complete all the other things in the pile. To get on this roll, it helps to have a big chunk of time that's uninterrupted (hard to come by sometimes), so I can really build up momentum. This method is exhilarating, especially for someone like me who is normally very laid back. Try it! =)
Comment by SydTheSkeptic on April 29, 2009 at 9:28pm
@Jim & Christine- thanks for such thoughtful responses, you guys! Christine, one of the things I like a lot about Megan is that she's very humble about acknowledging that what works for her is not for everyone AND that she's in a privileged position in terms of owning her own business. Jim- great idea. It's good to know what works for ya!


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