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The old boat seems sturdy and continues to float here on Ning... so no worries (breathe easy) ,   However as Captain, I have  responsibility for the safety of the crew and  of the crew's quarters.   I am looking around for the life boats should we run into any rough / choppy waters.   Anyone know anything about the following sites, or any other suggestions?

Social Site Creator

Social Engine


All have pro plans equal to or less than the Ning costs. 

The first one looks interesting for providing unlimited data plan options. 

The last one has video demos seem to link to Youtube videos... which seems a bit odd.

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Comment by SydTheSkeptic on September 14, 2016 at 8:41pm

Chig, I made you and Blanche a moderator for the Vimeo group, Troupe d' Ark.

Comment by SydTheSkeptic on September 14, 2016 at 8:54pm

Here's an idea...we just use Troupe d'Ark. I made this video and featured it on the group so that we'd have a landing place if Ning should go down.  We can use the comment section on this to make a plan.

Troupe d'Ark Lifeboat from Syd on Vimeo.

Comment by BlancheNoE on September 14, 2016 at 9:44pm

I love the life preserver.

As Chig knows after spending many frustrated hours with me trying to solve my e-issues, I am not exactly tech-savvy so I will defer to whatever you high-tech, young whippersnappers decide. Whew, that was a lot of typing. I think I'll take a nap now.


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